Friday, January 24, 2020


Now that winter is upon us and
things have slowed down it's nice to
be at home and as Jane Austen said,
 "enjoy real comfort".

Today our neighbor across 
the street
built this for his
sweet little daughter!

Wintertime for me means sewing,
crafting, baking and organizing.
I don't plan to do a lot of running
around now but am content to stay
at home.

I have been enjoying watching the
birds too.  My family gave me a
pair of those bird watching binoculars
for Christmas so I can zoom in from 
the kitchen table.

One of the things I have been doing is
reading and researching a number of things.  
After watching different DVD's I began
reading about the Kings and Queens of
England.  Then I decided to do some
 "royal" crafting too.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hope your week-end is wonderful as well. The snow you've had is gorgeous to look at, but I need to stay indoors.

  2. The crafting looks fun. I am doing inside things too, in Ohio. Tatting and
    crochet. You got lots of snow, I got lots of rain. This far north that
    is really strange. Enjoy winter slow down, Bernideen. At least it is
    the last week of January.

  3. It really is a blessing to be able to stay at home in comfort during snow storms and such!

  4. Gorgeous pictures!Keep warm and enjoy your time in your cozy home!Hugs!

  5. Snowmen seem so far off here in our neck of the woods. But fun to see one in your post! Stay warm.

  6. Sounds like a very nice winter, especially crafting and watching birds.

  7. That snowman is a charming sight! Our neighbour across the street, up a couple of houses, built a snowman with his daughter and I tried to take a picture but my phone couldn't pick it up. Alas, my camera isn't working properly right now so I'm using my phone for all my pictures.
    We have lots of snow too. Almost every weekend we get a storm so much so that they are going to start holding our services on Saturday when the weather is calling for a snow storm on Sunday. It's been a snowy winter so far this year. I'm happy to stay indoors too.


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