Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Have you ever made Morning Glory Muffins
or Hummingbird Muffins?  I love them and
with a number of recipes I noticed that
a banana and mashed pineapple are the 2
distinctive ingredients.  Chopped pecans 
seem to be another popular ingredient.

For this post I am calling these
Morning Glory Muffins because I
have found the same recipe by
both names.  In the past I shared
this recipe and you can
 find Jean's recipe here
(as Hummingbird Muffins)

I have shared this tea cozy before too.  It
is made from embroidered napkins that my
Grandmother made for me over 51 years ago.
I use this for my Saint Patrick's Day cozy.

So here at my window I have set up a little teatime time for us.  I am using a couple of spoons and one of my little silver sugar nips as they are called.  Also, these spoons came 
from England and I was thrilled to get them.

These are commemorative spoons of
Queen Victoria's reign and Diamond
Jubilee in 1897.

It was hard to get reflections off those spoons.

Of course, we are drinking 
Irish Breakfast Tea! 

Outside things are changing.  We just
had 2 days of rain and everything
turned suddenly green.  Bulbs are coming
up and as you can see, I found a couple
of tiny daffodils in the front garden today.

I am playing this week with some crafting
and card making for Saint Patrick's Day so
here are some of the pictures I have clipped:

If you do make the muffins - I
know you will enjoy them!


ellen b. said...

I've got to make muffins! These sound great!

Sandra said...

Love your tea table. How wonderful to have something so special from your Grandmother; and then you added to the linen's story by making the Tea Cozy. These work perfect for a Saint Patrick's Day tea. Your muffins look delicious and I love all the tea time accessories you have placed around the table. Our yard is still golden; but soon enough the green will start to be seen. What a pretty stained glass window! I also enjoy seeing your paper crafts that you create!

podso said...

We would get along well if we lived near each other! I love the tea cozy--it fits so well it still shows off the "figure" of the teapot!

Lynn said...

It looks a bit gloomy out your window, so inside is sunny and bright
with your tea and daffodils! Dark and wet in Ohio, and anxiously
waiting on Spring flowers. I love Irish Breakfast Tea, and I'll have
to see if I can make the muffins gluten free. They look yummy.
Wonderful you still have something your Grandmother hand made for you.
Happy St. Patrick's day when it gets here.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I wish I was sitting there enjoying a cup of Irish Breakfast tea and a Morning Glory Muffin, Bernideen. Your tea cozy is so pretty that is made from your grandmother's handiwork. Both of your teacups are beautiful. Have fun working on your cards.

Marilyn Miller said...

The muffins with Irish Breakfast sounds just perfect for this month. I just love your green, especially the tea cozy.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Gosh everything looks so pretty and those muffins sounds so good.
Your spoons are wonderful about Queen Victoria.
How fun to make more cards.
I am so excited all my bulbs are coming up.
Your vignette is so welcoming
See you soon hopefully

Carissa (Regency Woman) said...

Hi, Bernideen, it's Carissa from Colorado Springs! :)

The muffins look absolutely delicious, but I admit to salivating over your amazing spoons from England. Those are divine! I think I'll take a page out of your book and start posting more tea-related thoughts. I found some delightful teacups recently that deserve to be shared.

We were down in Old Colorado City on Saturday and I wasn't paying super close attention to where I should have been parking. I went past our destination towards parking where your store used to be. Oh boy! I guess it goes to show we still miss you dearly, but I love that you're obviously happily retired. <3

Carissa (Regency Woman) said...

And I forgot to mention it, but your tea cozy is magical and oh so very special. That's wonderful you made it out of napkins from your grandmother.

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

Bernideen, what a lovely teatime--wish I could join you! Your grandmother would, I'm sure, love what you did with the beautiful embroidered napkins she made for you so long ago. That is the most beautiful tea cozy I've ever seen! And thank you for sharing my Hummingbird Muffins recipe. I love those things.

Sonia said...

Your tea cozy is gorgeous. How wonderful to have been able to use your grandmother's napkins! I love using linens and dishes from family. Makes the holidays more special!The entire table is lovely and you have so many wonderful pieces for St. Patrick's Day. Have a wonderful St. Paddy's Day!