Friday, May 22, 2020

THE FOXGLOVES GREET US for "Tea In The Garden"

Our May started out with warm weather
but quickly reverted back to cool and even
cold weather.  Well, it really wasn't that
cold but after a few days of warm - you 
adjust to that new norm and the cold
seems even colder.

Please come over and join me for tea -
we have a new little bridge
to cross and come into the garden:

I am so happy to share this time 
with you.  My garden is bursting with
some new foxglove blooms.  I was
always inspired by Tasha Tudor's foxgloves
and so this thrills my little heart.

Please choose whichever teacup you
would enjoy using for your tea.

I hope you don't mind Jeremy Fisher and
Miss Tabitha joining us for tea.  I had
to move them forward as they were getting
distressed about all the foxgloves being
right up in their sweet faces.

It was quite a project putting in this drainage
dry creek bed.  That's a fancy name for a 
ditch.  It has been working so when it rains it
is quite full of rushing rainwater from the
front of our yard which is up the hill.

I am so enjoying seeing the color green
instead of brown all around.  Winter
can start to get a little dull.

A friend shared her family iris
last year and they are lovely.
I have given away 14 boxes of lavender
 and purple irises, plus other things:
coneflowers, pink columbines and monarda.
When people see the FREE SIGNS they
take them quickly from the driveway.

I was so thrilled at the arrival of
 the new Victoria Magazine and also
 one of the new tea books that I love.

Victoria is always a joy to read.

I hope you continue in good health
and enjoy your time at home.  I am
praying for all the small business
people as I fear for there continued
existence during this time.  
Please say a prayer for them!


  1. What a beautiful garden. Spring is springing for sure. Love the foxgloves! Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you!

  2. Your Tea time made me swoon...Absolutely amazing!!!What an adorable garden and gorgeous table!The tablecloth is stunning too.Blessings and best wishes.

  3. Oh, how I love those foxgloves. What an amazing garden you have created. I love the new bridge.

  4. Your garden is just spectacular. I love visiting here virtually. Love the new bridge and all the foxglove. We have a few foxglove, but the slugs seem to like them. I think my next bouquet need foxglove in it. Thanks for the inspiration. We have had some rainy weather lately, but next week will be better. Can't wait to get out in the garden.

  5. What a lovely thing to do—gifting neighbors with bouquets of flowers. You'd be my favorite neighbor. Your yard is looking beautifully green and colorful. Is the drain a French drain? I need to do something similar in my yard, rather I'd like to get someone to do it for me. Happy
    Memorial Weekend to you!

  6. Bernadeen! I love your gardens and your table for tea. I too am a big Tasha Tudor fan, along with foxglove. My brother in law gave me seeds of all kinds native to Michigan, and can't wait to get them in the ground. Have a wonderful holiday week-end, and yes. Prayers for small businesses, and for this country.

  7. Bernideen, all the lovely pink and lavender color flowers. They look so
    good after the cold spell 2 weeks ago. Glad they did not get frosted.
    Hopefully all small businesses will survive this major closing they have
    been through. some places here are choosing to stay closed until June to
    maybe lower risk. Thank you.

  8. Your garden photos are a breath of fresh air, Bernideen! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Colorado is slowly greening-up

  9. Oh Bernideen! Your garden is just glorious with all that color! WOW! And your much farther ahead than we; we've had so much cold rainy days - literally nearly all but a couple. Rained all week but today is sunny and report says another week at least starting tomorrow.

    So we are enjoying it as much as we can!

    Your china and garden and linens and garden acoutrements are just so lovely, as is you, dear lady. Enjoy! Blessings!


  10. Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend.
    Your garden is gorgeous dear Bernideen and of course it is so inviting for tea time.
    How I wish I could join you ! I'd bring the cake, lol..
    Stay safe and happy.

  11. It's always a joy to visit your lovely garden. Your floral design is a beautiful compliment to your inviting tea table. It brings back fond memories of your lovely store. Irises are blooming now in Colorado, always a few weeks behind your garden. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and love of tea with us. It's a definite bright spot in my day. Blessings dear lady! Tammy in Colorado


  12. I am just now catching up on your beautiful blog. I think your bridge is so charming among all your flowers.
    It should be in Victorian Magazine

  13. Bernideen, your garden looks as if it's been there for many years! You have done an amazing job in such a short time. Love your Beatrix Potter garden and that new little bridge!


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