Sunday, May 3, 2020

MAY IS HERE for "Tea In The Garden"

 I decided it was time for a tea
time in the garden.  It is a beautiful
day and lovely weather. 

the recipe. Follow this link if
you would like to try them.

We have really enjoyed the
tulips and daffodils and
the forget me nots so far.  Now that
they are done it's time for
the irises to bloom
along with the lilacs,
and the alliums.

So, help yourself
 to some lovely
tea!  I have strawberry
jam and cream for your scone.

  I have too
many purple irises now so I
am giving some away.  I had
brought a few here in a cardboard box 
 from Colorado back in 2016
and they have really multiplied.

I think the peonies will be the next
blooming thing.

We recently spent quite a while working on
a dry creek drainage ditch because all the
rainwater comes down on the side of our
house and overwhelms the backyard.

It rained this week and it worked!  It was
full of water rushing down the hill.
Eventually it ends up in the drainage
creek in back of our fence.

This week our son came and helped us
do some heavy duty things in behind our
yard fence, clearing out the area by the creek.
He also cut down a large dead cedar which
was growing back in the middle of the
creek.  He hauled away many truck
loads of limbs and over growth.

And just so you can
see the scones that were
made with Sprite in them:


My Tata's Cottage said...

You have always had a lovely yard. The scone recipe sounds great and thank you for sharing it. You always share such wonderful tea parties. Have a great week and thank you again. HUGS

Vee said...

The scones look pretty tasty. Your garden tea is wonderful. I enjoyed your flowers and tea set and descriptions very much.

Deanna Rabe said...

I always enjoy seeing your garden, Bernideen! So lovely.

Lynn said...

This weekend's weather was good here in northern Ohio, too. So your lovely
tea in the garden looks so inviting. What an accomplishment to have built
the rock ditch and it works. I love the look of the new bridge. And, boy,
it sounds like you all with your son, too, did lots of hard work. The
scones would have been well received after all that. I expect a hard
freeze Friday night. Just as the redbuds have opened and I planted hanging
baskets. They all have to come down and go into the garage.
Once again, I just love seeing your flowers, thank you.

Louca por porcelana said...

Amazing garden and gorgeous table!Your scones look delicious!I love the sweet flowers bouquet too.Hugs!

ellen b. said...

Beautiful garden and those scones look delicious. How nice that your son could come and help you out! Happy May to you!

Tammy H said...

Ah, Bernideen, your irises are stunning! It will probably be end of the month before mine bloom here in Colorado. Glad you still have some Colorado purple irises. I am very fond of yellow ones too. I think the girls will do a Mother's Day tea for me. Miss your store so much, but glad you're happily retired. We'll have to try your scone recipe, they look delicious. It does my heart good to see your lovely yard and tea table. God bless! Tammy in Colorado Springs

Hill Top Post said...

Oh, the garden is so lovely now, and just so perfect for a tea. The scones look so good!

Sandi Magle said...

So Pretty, Bernideen. Sounds like a busy weekend. We crashed today after 5 days of yardwork. It was cold and rainy and will e 60 tomorrow, so a day of rest was good. We have a hard freeze forecasted for the end of the week, so I guess the most I will get done is fill all the pots. Only thing we put in the ground is broccoli! Hugs, and have a lovely week! Sandi

Sandra said...

The weather is being funny this Spring; giving us days of sunshine and then rain and cold again. Your garden and tea time are beautiful. I love your new little bridge; adds so much charm to your already charming garden! ;o)

Marilyn Miller said...

The scones look delicious.
How lovely to have a son come and help you with some heavy work in the garden.

Rosemary said...

Your garden is so beautiful in springtime. Such colorful blossoms and brilliant sun. Tea in the garden is absolutely delightful!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Oh, it must be lovely to have tea in the garden! It is far too cold here yet. My tulips are up but they haven't bloomed because it is simply to cold and wet. The poor frogs aren't singing either. Our May is very disappointing this year. I hope June makes up for it. Your tea looks very inviting!