Thursday, April 23, 2020


I had mentioned in yesterday's post that
my husband and I were digging a dry
creek (ditch) down the side of our yard.

It goes all the way down through the side
of the backyard and I will show that
area after the metal bridge arrives.

I am happy to report my foot is
much better after lots of ice.  I
had a strap on my shoe that took
the initial blow of dropping a big
rock on it.  I was very glad for
that strap.  I am sure I will have
a huge bruise and it did break the
skin but it could have been much worse.
I am very thankful!

We have been enjoying these tulips for quite a
while and I must say I shall not be sad to
see them go away.

So as our spring flowers move on I know
many of you will finally be enjoying
yours.  Isn't it amazing what different
weather patterns we all have.  Someone
just said to me that it will be 105 degrees
tomorrow in Arizona.  I can't even imagine.

I hope you are staying safe at home.


Lynn said...

So glad you did not hurt your foot so badly that you would have needed a
trip to the hospital in these times. Hope the ice helped. The slightly
cooler weather you've had until now has helped keep the tulips looking lovely.
My grape hyacinths are in full bloom, now to keep the herd of 20 deer from
eating them off. They always eat down the leaves and occasionally a yearling
fawn will eat the flowers. Did my grocery shopping yesterday with mask and
gloves. First trip in 3 weeks. Working on embroidering pillowcases now.

Louca por porcelana said...

I am glad you are better...Your garden is amazing!Hugs.

ellen b. said...

We are safe at home and we put our masks on when we have to do essential shopping. Your garden is growing beautifully. Glad your foot is better than expected!

Tammy H said...

So glad your foot is better. Love seeing the pictures of your garden. Gives me hope that my tulips will bloom soon in Colorado Springs.

Hill Top Post said...

I would never tire of those oh-so-beautiful tulips. I am looking forward to seeing more of your creek bed. Ouch! Take care of that foot.

Sandi Magle said...

You have been blessed with a gorgeous Spring...we are still waiting, though Daffys and Forsythia are doing well. We took a ride, and the flowering trees are trying to bloom. Just not getting the temps or sun to make it blossom.
Hugs, thanks Bernideen for your beautiful Spring and sharing it with us!

Marilyn Miller said...

As always your garden is gorgeous! Looking forward to see the bridge.

Lady Linda said...

You are just amazing. This garden is so lovely. WOW. Glad your foot is better. It will take awhile to heal it. Hugs