Thursday, April 16, 2020


I think I spoke too soon in my last post
which was entitled "Loving This Weather"
because the warm weather was short lived.

In spite of freezing weather at night,
and cold days this week - things have
survived and maybe the tulips have
even lasted longer.

Last year I found a lilac starter
and moved it out front:

We are supposed to get our
warm weather back Saturday
after rain tomorrow.  Both will
work for me!

I hope and pray you all are
doing well during this difficult time.

Peter Rabbit is enjoying his view:


  1. Sunshine, warmer temps and beautiful Spring flowers are so uplifting. Beautiful post...thank you.

  2. Everything in your garden is as pretty as a postcard. Hope the cooler temperatures won't hurt any of the flowers. What a wonderful time of year this must be for you. So much to look at and enjoy.

  3. Peter Rabbit lives in a wonderful garden, what is not to enjoy,(except the
    change in temps). Snowing here and can't wait for better weather and
    other relief. Standing in line outside a grocery is not for me right now.
    Plenty of food at home and I'm staying in. Hope you are in the same place and
    enjoying the lovely garden flowers.

  4. We had 5" of the dreaded white stuff, and haven't been out of 40 for a week now...sigh, so pretty. Daffy's are holding though, and tulips haven't budded yet! I drool over your garden space, and have set aside some $$ to rebuild the front perennial bed. You make it so pretty, Bernideen!

  5. Hi Bernideen! Your garden is really breathtaking,soooo beautiful!I can't be able to see the pictures 2,3 and 4,I don't know the reason...But I enjoyed so much the others I have seen!Feast for the eyes and balm to the soul!Hugs.

  6. Gorgeous! Love the tulips and the lilac starter.

  7. Oh my, your gardens are simply lovely, Bernideen! No posies here yet because it's still too cold but soon... Mid- May we should start seeing some colour around here. Hope you are staying well too!

  8. Your garden is always a pleasure to visit, Bernideen. I love your Peter Rabbit. How wonderful to get a start of lilac. I ❤️ lovely scent and miss it here in Texas.

  9. Your flower beds are lovely. Yes, the cooler weather has slowed the progress of the flowers, so I'm happy to have them around longer!


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