Sunday, April 12, 2020


Although this has been a very difficult time
with the pandemic all over the world really,
 it has been a lovely springtime in Missouri. 
 We are praying for many who have loss
 loved ones and those who are ill.

I thought I'd give you another
 tour of my
backyard for Easter.

The fish are very happy now
 that the pond is
warmer !

Isn't it amazing how things just
suddenly turn green when just
weeks ago they were so brown?

I was afraid the squirrels would
eat all the bulbs I planted last
fall but am glad to see they didn't.

On the west side of our house we
have been working on a project of
digging a dry creek type ditch.  We
have a lot of water that pours down
the hill when it rains.  We are looking
at various ideas for bridges to go over
the "ditch" creek.  We will see.....

I regret that I didn't put a plastic 
garbage bag over
this birdbath last winter.  I can tell the
freezing has taken a tole on it.

I hope you have a safe and
enjoyable week.


  1. Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Happy Easter, Bernideen.

  2. Your backyard is stunning! I miss the spring in Missouri but enjoy your pictures! Thanks for sharing..

  3. Beautiful flowers and all for wonderful Easter Sunday.
    Hope you had a good Easter despite the conditions we all now
    have. It is just raining every day in northern Ohio, so the
    bit of dry we get I have to run out and take a fast walk.
    Our flowers are at least 2 weeks behind yours, so I can get
    an early glimpse with your photos and look forward to the
    ones here soon. Thank you. Lynn

  4. Wonderful garden!So colorful and happy!Hugs and blessings.

  5. Such beautiful pictures. Your garden is so pretty and looks like a dream to me. You manage to make where ever you live become a place of beauty. What a gift. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Simply gorgeous, Bernideen. Such a joy to observe your garden and this Spring is amazing....absolutely love it! Sandi

  7. Your yard looks wonderful, so full of color. Spring has been amazing here, and even though it was warm at first, I'm loving the chilly weather that is back again--probably for the last time. This way the color is staying longer and not dying in the heat. We are about to begin a similar ditch digging project to stop some of our yard from eroding.

  8. Your backyard is gorgeous. I can just imagine how much you are enjoying it. Yes, at this time of year the weather can be a bit unpredictable. One day it is gorgeous and sunny, then the next day is cold and rainy. That is what we are experiencing. Each day is different.


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