Wednesday, April 22, 2020


We are enjoying such a lovely day
that I dare not let it get by without
setting up a "Tea in The Garden".

I had plans to do a more elaborate
"Tea In The Garden" but today things
didn't go quite right.

My husband and I have spent 3 days working on
an outdoor project which involved digging
a long ditch down the side of our yard for rain
drainage and we are attempting to make it
 look like a dry creek bed.  We have ordered
a metal bridge to go over it so I will share
that area later.

What went wrong today was we got locked
out of our house and had to have the
locksmith come so we could get back in.
I already did this once in Colorado so this
time was my husband's turn.

So let's enjoy some tea while I tell
you my other kerfuffle:

We are adding bigger rocks along this
dry creek (ditch) and I dropped one
on my foot today.  Now, that's b a d !

I meant to talk about this book
in a prior post but forgot.  This
is the wonderful Victoria Magazine
book called "Our Hearts Are In England".
I absolutely love it and you can be excited
to know they will be coming with one
about France soon!

This book about England is on sale now 
for just $15.00 and it is wonderful.

I think our cold weather is over
because the forecast is warmer this
week.  That makes me really happy.

With warmer weather, we will also have 
more flowers and that will be so exciting. 

 Have you found it hard staying
at home?  I haven't at all.  I love working
in my yard, cooking, baking, sewing and


Beth said...

I enjoy being at home, and I have plenty to do, but I miss the freedom of just hopping in the car and going somewhere. Now every trip requires thinking: is it really necessary? And requires PPE. And extra hand washing. We walk a lot but don't go too many places: last week we went to our accountant to pick up our taxes and then to Starbucks (drive thru). This week I went to the grocery store, for the first time in a month; been using Aisles online at Hy Vee and Instacart but really needed to go there to pick something up. Missing seeing friends and family very much! We cancelled a trip to TX to see our daughter and her family which saddened me but it had to be. HOWEVER, life is good, God is faithful and we keep going, taking it day by day. I'm doing a lot of extra cooking here lately. Well, did want to say your garden is gorgeous. I love those little blue flowers; I think they are forget-me-nots? Love your teapot too. Enjoy the rest of your week! Beth

ellen b. said...

Your garden is so beautiful! That sounds like a great project and I'm so sorry about dropping that rock on your foot and about getting locked out of your house. My husband is always getting on me to keep a key in my pocket but I never do. That looks like a book I'd enjoy for sure. Hope you were able to ice your foot and keep it up.

Sandi Magle said...

Too gorgeous, Bernideen. We just don't have anything major going on in the garden yet, still cold at night...Hugs, and I will have to look at that book, somehow! We are staying at home, though I'm driving to my son's to deliver an inheritance check and will shove it through the door. He is working from home, but my d-in-law is still having to work in public...And, I broke my last pair of readers, so I have to go find! mask and gloves and sprays in hand! Sandi

podso said...

It's always refreshing to visit here and see the beauty of your garden and yard! I'm anxious to see the finished dry ditch. Enjoy being home! I do!

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Ouch Bernideen! I can just imagine the pain of the large rock on your foot. I hope all is well. I always have things to do around my home, but I miss the freedom of going wherever I want. I certainly would love to join you for tea in your garden. Take care!
P. S. I locked myself out once, too!

Louca por porcelana said...

Amazing post!That flowers arrangement is stunning.Gorgeous teapot and pretty teacups too.Blessings.

Margie said...

I echo the others' comments: I'm happy to stay at home, but miss the freedom of going out and about! Thank good that my tea stash can last me MONTHS!