Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Today the weather was so lovely and
absolutely perfect for my first "Tea In
The Garden" for this season of 2020:

This is the kind of dreamy day we love.
I baked us something yummy too and you can
find the recipe here if you'd like to bake it.

I have been looking at Victoria Magazine's
new May/June issue all about France.  I have
a friend who adores everything French.

Have a seat and a cup of tea and
help yourself to some of the tart.
The recipe made this one and a 
larger square one.  I did double
the amount of the apricot jam.

I am trying to stop myself from putting
 exclamation points at
the end of my sentences.  I know
that is a very bad habit of mine.

I love watching the birds in my backyard.
The goldfinches have been abundant.

What sort of things have kept you busy
during this indoor time?  I have been
sewing for my Etsy site and baking more
than I should....must walk regularly to
help with that!

I am happy to have these lovely tulips and
daffodils that I planted last fall.  I always
wonder if they will actually come up.
I ordered mine from Color Blend.

I hope you are staying in during this time,
washing your hands a lot and doing your
part to help stop this terrible disease.

This was my 170th "Tea In The Garden".


Louca por porcelana said...

Congratulations on your 170th Tea in the garden!Your garden is so colorful and pretty!So inviting!And your table is adorable as ever...The tea set is gorgeous and that dessert mouthwatering!It is a pleasure stopping by!God bless you.

Sandi Magle said...

Oh so pretty. You are so far ahead, and the all the flowers are wonderful. We have maybe 15 daffy's starting to bloom...can't wait, hugs Bernideen for doing your first Tea in the Garden this Spring! Sandi

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh My gosh I can't believe you have that many blooms already,which they are just beautiful.I'm thrilled with 5 blooms in my yard LOL
Your dessert looks so good my mouth is watering.Love your chintz tea set also of course. I know you have worked hard in your yard to make it that beautiful.
Yes I'm washing my hands a lot even though I'm staying in not be exposed to the Covid-19 virus. This is something our grand kids won't forget in their lifetime
Keep baking
stay safe

Vee said...

Beautiful tea time in your spring garden. The apricot tart looks especially delicious.

Hill Top Post said...

What a lovely 170th tea (with a zillion exclamation marks!!!)! I love your Beatrix Potter Garden.

serena said...

What a lovely pick-me-up! I always enjoy your lovely posts. I'm guilty too of using too many exclamation points. Guess we'll be working on it together. Blessings to you and yours.

Lynn said...

Congrats on the 170th! Your tea party in the garden is so lovely.
I'm trying to read a lot and Spring house cleaning. Waiting for
the daily rain to stop so I can spend more time out side.
I enjoy your flowers so much, thank you for sharing. Easter will be
beautiful for you with your gardens.

Sandra said...

I love your Tea in the Garden. You are blessed with a beautiful yard. I know it just doesn't happen...you spend time creating all this beauty. Thank you for sharing.

Deanna Rabe said...

Wow! Congratulations!

Your garden is looking lovely. I can't wait to have flowers blooming in my garden!

Sonia said...

I adore that gorgeous bouquet and your tea table! Really should be in Victoria Magazine!! All those flowers just make me happy! Enjoy!