Monday, July 20, 2020


Sometimes things go wrong.....can anyone
tell me why the little thumbnail photo
 disappeared next to mine and some other
bloggers I have listed in my FAVORITE
BLOGGERS gadget to the right? 

I have the "Thumbnail" wanted box 
checked in the gadget box but I have
no thumbnail photo!

 I can't
seem to figure it out but think it happened
after I started using the NEW BLOGGER

September 22, 2020:  I finally noticed and I
think that your first picture you download on your blog post must be SMALL so that it qualifies to be a thumbnail!  Anyone else notice this?


ellen b. said...

I'm no help at all... :(

Regina said...

It looks like the photos are there now. I'm having problems with Blogger repeating posts in my feed.
For example Blogger A will post her blog and in my feed it shows up at say 2hrs ago with Blogger B post below hers maybe 4 hours. The next day or sometimes later in the day, it will show up again this time it will say something like Blogger A posted the exact same post 10 minutes ago. However if you go to Blogger A post, it will say it posted on their blog at the original date and time it appeared on my blog feed.
I doubt if this made any sense. I hope you figure out your blog problem. I got a notice all blogs will become have to use the new Blogger effective August 24th. Sigh...

Sandi Magle said...

I tried the new blogger format last month, twice, and then basically threw up my hands. It says we will be able to divert to the old format, which I will do, until they get the 'start up' glitches out. I think that might be why it was stalled for a month to begin with.

I'm too old to learn any new stuff...LOL. Good luck, I think we will all have to go with the flow eventually...grins, Sandi

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Who the heck knows. I am still trying to figure out why so many of my long-time readers aren't able to make a comment. Something about Google - and I researched for hours and cannot figure out what I need to do to bring it back - or if it is even possible.

Sigh. Modern technology. All fun and games till it goes wonky, eh, mate?

Hugs and comfort.

Vee said...

Yes, I have noticed odd things going on with the new format. Blogger is asking bloggers to report ant troubles. In the meantime, we can switch back to the former Legacy format until August 24. Not sure I dare.

Jean | said...

Like Ellen, I am no help at all! I tried out the new Blogger interface (or whatever they called it) some weeks ago and hated it. I'm hoping before August 24 they'll decide to just let us keep the old one if we want to.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Not much help sorry.
The "new and improved" Blogger seems to have little gremlins, until all the kinks are worked out.
I personally prefer the old version.
Thank you for the lovely comment on the loss of my Oliver, it truly brightened my day.