Sunday, July 19, 2020


We have mostly stayed home for
quite a few months.  I think I have
even forgotten since it has been
so long.  Today, however, we decided
to drive over to Boonville which is a
small town about 25 minutes away west
on I-70.  It is like a lot of towns that go
back to the 19th century that once were busy
places and now have old buildings which
sadly need some attention.  The old homes
are very charming though and one can 
dream about living in such a place.

So we can start here at the old jail house -
not that any of us every plan to go
there.  Hopefully, none of us has been
out looting or destroying private property.
(and that's a subject I best stay out of)

It is very hot today so I took
most of these photos from inside
our car.  My camera started steaming 
up on me.  I did love - love these

We just drove up a down a few streets in 
the area and I took these photos to share.
I have taken photos before of this sweet
yellow house that I adore:

If I was a little girl I would
 love going to
their little free library.

The next house was for sale:

I thought this house looked
better than the last time we
drove by it - you can spend
a lot of money on these old

I hope you enjoyed our ride!


ellen b. said...

That yellow house is adorable! Glad you could get out!

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

What a fabulous wee trip you took us on. For one who isn't going anywhere, I cannot thank you enough! Oh those old Victorian homes are precious! Even that jail was cute - haha!

Sure been hot. Just want to stay indoors in the a/c and wait for snow I guess.

Wish spring and fall lasted as long as it did when we were children.


Lynn said...

Thank you Bernideen,for the lovely tour. I really needed this. As always,
I enjoy your sharing wonderful pictures.

Tammy H said...

Thanks so much for the driving tour of such a cute little town. Very happy that you got away for this little trip. We all need some outings to encourage us during this most unique year. Take care!

jeanniemc said...

Thanks for the pictures of your adventure out! I keep a list of these towns and after all this commotion is over, my husband and I are going to start in KC and go through little towns to St. Louis... we use to live in Missouri but stayed in the Ozarks for the most part...take care & keep safe! Love your table settings for tea also!

Marilyn Miller said...

Thanks for the ride. I love those old houses too. We have quite a few of those sidewalk libraries in my neighborhood with mostly adult books. Occasionally I see one with children's books. I have even seen some canned food and masks in a couple. The other day I walked past a house that was making masks and hanging them on their fence for people to take. Creativity during difficult times includes taking pictures from the car.