Tuesday, August 18, 2020

MID AUGUST "Tea In The Garden"


Welcome to a middle of
 "Tea In The Garden":

After a very hot July we are now enjoying
some cooler temperatures which is frankly
quite surprising since this is usually an
hotter month.

I am sharing a new to me teapot that just came this week.
I adore Crown Dorset teapots.

Serena is a beloved pattern:

Right now the garden is a little boring but I was able to gather up enough flowers for
 a nice big bouquet.

Here's what's growing now:

I hope your summer has been free of
illness and you have enjoyed some
gardening, hobbies and 
 activities at home with family.


  1. What an elegant teapot. So pretty!

  2. Your garden is always lovely. I love the teapot shape. The pattern on it is so pretty, too!

    You have very lovely tea things, and I hope that soon we'll all feel the freedom to get together for tea and conversation once again!

  3. Which is more lovely, the rectangular tray or the square teapot? I can't
    make up my mind. I'd say you appear to have plenty of summer blossoms and
    the cool colors of pink and white are restful. I'm mostly bicycling, but
    bought huge amount of yarn for cents on the dollar, to crochet cat beds
    for the Humane Society soon.

  4. Those flowers take my breath away. Everything is so beautiful. Enjoy your tea.

    Take care,

  5. Oh my!!!Fabulous flowers arrangement!!!Gorgeous teapot and stunning teacups...Your post made me swoooon!

  6. How simply gorgeous.....love the shade and all the pretty dishes and your florals are outstanding. Such a pleasure to view and enjoy! THANK YOU Bernideen, Sandi

  7. Oh, Bernideen!! Those flowers are anything BUT boring!! What an absoulutely STUNNING arrangement! Just gorgeous!!


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