Tuesday, December 22, 2020


 As I start typing this post, a flood

of memories comes over me of

places where my husband and I have

lived.  I remember them all.

I remember a tiny 2 bedroom furnished house we lived in back in 1968 in Mansfield, Ohio - $65.00 a month rent.  I don't have a photo or at least it's not conveniently located.  We will be married 53 years in 2021.

Our wedding was extremely modest since we did not have the blessing of my Mother and step Father.
I wanted to marry a poor preacher or at least that was what she thought we would be.  I still remember holding up a cheap plastic orange juice pitcher at our wedding and being absolutely thrilled.

Lately, I have been sharing some videos 
done by creative people that I 
came across on YouTube.  

There are so many to watch.  Some are wealthy women living in Chateaus in France and others are young women showing us their mansions in America.  Some are young women positioning themselves as experts.

I think I know which ones I like best. 

It's the charming ones that burst witcreativity, contentment and modesty.

 In my search I found a young couple
 that certainly won't impress you with their affluence or CEO jobs. 
 They don't live in a Chateau in France 
but rather a tiny cottage in rural New York:
You can find them here:



  1. Sweet Memories become even more precious through the years. When I think back, the places we have lived are the places I have dreams about. The simple items we still have are what I keep when thinning out much. May you have a blessed anniversary in 2021. God bless,

  2. Memories can sustain us throughout life. It is our gift to ourselves to think back on life as we age. And I believe all parents think they have the answers for us, but mostly it turns out we decide best on our own. Yours has been a
    blessed life and that is so important.

  3. So happy that your marriage to your "poor preacher" has lasted 53 years! I hope your mother realized that you were happy and that was all that really mattered. I also married a "poor preacher", although he wasn't a preacher when I married him...he was still in college studying to be a teacher, which is also poor...and we ended up being called to the ministry a few years later. We lived in so many places over our 51+ years of marriage, and I can also remember them all, although not necessarily the addresses! LOL. I pray you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas and continue to enjoy many more happy and healthy years together!

  4. I'm enjoying watching your Youtube recommendations Bernideen, people really do live very different lives and it's interesting to be a fly on the wall in another's world for a short while.
    Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year, and wanted to let you know, my beautiful tea cozy is front and center this Christmas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.

  5. Thank you for sharing these videos! I love accounts like this!

  6. What precious videos from this couple. Thanks for sharing the links. It was even more special since my heritage is Swedish. I love the simple homespun nature of their celebrations. God Jul

  7. Thanks for the links, I will check them out. I have been enjoying some of the chateau renovations on YouTube.

  8. Thanks so much for mentioning our videos on your blog! We really love what you said about contentment and modesty. Also, a happy anniversary to you and happy new year! -Lindsay & Jonas


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