Thursday, June 10, 2021

A STRESS FREE "Tea In The Garden"

Welcome to another special time
for "Tea In The Garden" and also
some"stress free time":

Well there it is and it is official now
 according to English Garden Magazine
and a report in the February/March
 2021 issue. - they claim that having 
a garden really helps people's stress

 A report has shown that after adding
front yard gardens in the Greater
Manchester area in England, stress 
levels in people went significantly

 They evaluated people over a
4 year period and during this time, they
added gardens to their front yards.  Stress levels
 went way down
after the gardens
were added.  

But if we are too totally get rid of our
stress - we also need a treat.

Did you know some people
 love to bake to releave
 their stress? So I have something
delicious for our "Tea In The Garden"
today!  I baked a Southern Butter
for the recipe.    Please enjoy
your piece with some tea.

I used 3 eight inch cake pans
for this cake.

And since it is now getting hotter,
and another from

I love having flowers for the
front entrance area again:


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a beautiful tea in your garden, Bernideen. Your chintz makes for such a summery tea and that cake looks fabulous. Of course your flowers and garden are so lovely.

Terra said...

Your tea china with all the tiny colorful flowers is fabulous, and that lacy table cloth. Yes, gardens lower stress, I am sure of it. I am in Zoom meetings and people who live in apartments told me they wish they had a garden to sit in outside during this pandemic.

Lynn said...

Your flowers are just vibrant in color. My iris are just ending and the
day lilies not near bloom. What a difference a few miles north can make.
I know about the stress levels going down with the wonder of outdoors.
I went to Kingwood Garden yesterday. This is the most magnificent garden
anywhere in Ohio. For $5, you can stay and enjoy your hearts content. and I
did, even though the annuals they plant are still as small as my own. When
I go back later in July they will have grown. I so enjoy seeing your garden
tea. Thank you

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So very lovely. Yes, gardens do bring a lot of joy and peace and beauty to our lives. I just don't seem to have a green thumb, however, so my gardens are not that pretty. However I do love to have tea in "the garden" such as it is. Thank you for sharing this lovely spot with us...and that cake sounds wonderful. I may have to try that recipe. Your tea setting is so beautiful. Thank you so much. It is already too hot here in Florida for sitting outside for long. I usually do my outdoor tea parties earlier in the spring and/or fall/winter if not too cold.

Linda Baker said...

Your garden is always breathtaking as are your bouquets. I just love all the different colors and varieties. Enjoying the loveliness of the blooms and plants does makes one smile, relieving stress, whether in a large garden or small containers.
That cake is mouthwatering!!
Blessings, Linda

Sandra said...

Your flowers, tea ware, and garden are all so pretty and would certainly give you a sense of "calm"; especially when sitting and sipping tea and having a tea time treat.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

This is just lovely, Bernideen! Your tea set is so pretty and that cake looks delicious! Beautiful flowers too. A lovely respite!

Granny Marigold said...

Since pretty tea cups, flowers, and sweets are three of my favourite things I visit your blog from time to time and find all three!!! Thank you.

Louca por porcelana said...

Absolutely wonderful!

Unknown said...

I agree so wonderful !