Wednesday, June 2, 2021


 It is such a delight to have my own 
flowers for bouquets again! 
 I really miss that 
in the wintertime.
I prefer not to have to
purchase them at the market.

Are you ready for June?  
We are!

The spring flowers have faded away to
give way for summer hydrangeas yet
to come, Queen Anne's Lace, Monarda
and Cone Flowers.

We have had some lovely yellow yarrow

I also love the Sweet William.
The Hollyhocks are starting to
climb taller too and the bittersweet
has blooms promising fall berries.


Deanna Rabe said...

I adore the Autumn, but my summer garden is my delight. I love gathering flowers for arrangements, too!

Lynn said...

Your flowers are a bit ahead of mine by a couple weeks. So I enjoy the
early show and then will be glad to see mine here. So ready for better
weather to just stay for a while.

Jean | said...

You are an amazing gardener, Bernideen. How your neighbors must love you--the kind of neighbor who brings up the property values!

Lady of the Manor said...

Your flower gardens are bursting with color!