Sunday, August 1, 2021


 Last Sunday (7/25) we enjoyed the
arrival of some house guests who
are lifelong friends.

We took our friends to the usual
places like shopping, going to 
Osage Beach to the Yankee Peddler 
Tea Room and visiting the Churchill 
Museum in Fulton, Missouri.

This is the house in Fulton that
houses the offices for the
Churchill Institute.

To understand about Winston Churchill's
visit to Fulton, Missouri in 1946

The museum is housed in
the basement of the rebuilt

As we entered the museum we received a 
history lesson from our guide below:

I was reminded on the tour of
several things Hitler did in Germany
after he became a leader.  He brainwashed
the young people and formed Youth
Organizations to indoctrinate them with his
values of hate for the Jewish people.  He burned past history, Bibles and
books to rewrite and erase and he took away
the guns so people could not defend
or protect themselves.
This was an actual display
piece of the
Berlin Wall outside:

We enjoyed our visit with our
friends, John and Lou Ann:

 On one day this week,  the men went to
several car museums while we went
shopping and antiquing.  I really 
enjoyed cooking and baking for our
guests and yes we still have some
leftovers in the freezer!

1 comment:

Lynn said...

The blue house is such a remarkable structure. What an interesting trip
and with friends. So sad and difficult to know people can take over
as a dictator leader and do unbearable deeds to humanity.