Saturday, August 28, 2021


 I was hoping by now to have set up many more little "Tea In The Garden" photo shoots but August has been really hot.  I did
go out earlier and set a tea cart up
in front of some zinnias.

Last year I got some seeds from
a landscaped area in a subdivision
nearby.  At the end of the summer they
were looking pretty ugly and I knew
the company they hired would be
replacing them with chrysanthemums
like they usually do.

We are in need of some soaking rain.

Early this summer my husband moved this
arbor to the side fence so now the
 bittersweet is growing up it nicely.
As you can see, our yard is not flat but
has hills every direction.

This yellow plant is a Missouri
native wildflower called Rudbeckia
 and is in the Coneflower family.


Vee said...

Your garden is beautiful and the tea table is as well. A hilly yard can be quite the challenge. Does your husband use a riding mower?

Lynn said...

If it's not too hot to be outside long, you probably see lots of
butterflies and humming birds on those zinnias. The gold finch here
are already plucking the seeds off mine. Beautiful setting, thank you.

Louca por porcelana said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!Your garden is balm to the soul and feast to the eyes...Wonderful tea set too.Have a blessed week!

Joy B said...

I love zinnias because they keep blooming all summer - need to go deadhead mine this evening, they have at least another month of blooming here. Your garden looks lovely, thanks for sharing it.

Tammy H said...

It's good to know zinnias are heat tolerant. Yours are lovely! Hope you get some cooler temps and rain soon.

Deanna Rabe said...

Zinnias are the late summer work horses in my garden! I love them! My hydrangea have handles the heat well too, because we’ve had a lot of rain this summer!