Wednesday, November 10, 2021


 I have shared several posts about a town
 west of Columbia called Boonville and
 a town east of here called Fulton.
Today my husband and I went over to
Boonville to the Visitors Center.  The
town along the Missouri River
 is now 200 years old. 

When we ride over to Boonville , I usually take photos of the old Victorian and Edwardian homes and their gardens. 

 I have posted some of these before here on
my blog but today the with the colors of
the leaves - everything was aglow:

I took these photos from in
inside of our car.

I always admire this Bed and Breakfast:

It looks like it has a new name 
and a fresh new look.

What I want to share about now
is the fascinating story about the
real life pioneer woman who
first settled there.  Her name was
Hannah Cole.  I have read all the
documents I could find about her on
line and I am in awe about her
personal quality of endurance.

Hannah was actually originally from Virginia as I also am.  Here is her story if you would 
like to read all the many details about her.  I would not have made a very good pioneer woman myself because I don't like to be cold.  How this woman raised 9 children
without a husband is absolutely amazing.

A few weeks ago I was on a crafting roll
and created some Ephemera for a few of the history centers in nearby towns for them to sell.   Here are the ones I made about
Cole for Boonville:

No photo was ever taken of photo but that
is a photo of her youngest son,
Samuel, when he
was old.  

I have visited Roslyn Heights before
and taken photos so I made these
for them:

These were for our Boone County
History and Culture Center and depict 
one of the first families who built
 Maplewood House here
in 1877, the Lenoir's.  their
daughter, Lavinia married Dr. Frank
Nifong who founded the local
Boone Hospital.

And lastly this was one of the ones
I did for the
Churchill Museum in Fulton:

It always feels good when
is done. 


Lynn said...

Thank you for allowing me to go on the tour with you, so to speak. Amazing houses and what a pioneer story. I enjoy seeing your craft project.

Tammy H said...

Fall is truly beautiful in your area with such lovely fall colors in the trees surrounding some amazing historical buildings. Hannah's story was a great read of the courage and fortitude of this pioneer. Thank you for sharing! I love your ephemera stunning!

Linda Baker said...

Those old houses are very impressive and the fall leaves are lovely. You all have really nice towns nearby to explore. Reading about Hannah was fascinating indeed! (And when I think about my complaints over any small annoyance....)