Saturday, December 17, 2022



It's always fun decorating
in the tea room. 

I have both English bone china Christmas
teacups and saucers and also 1950's
luster ones from Japan.

I just was blessed to give away some
cups and saucers and tea mugs to
several young ladies this week
because they are getting interested
in Afternoon Tea.  I just have more
than I need for sure so I was 
privileged to share.

The stockings I made from an
old quilt back in the 1970"s:


  1. It's all so very lovely!! Love the ice skates! What an interesting touch! And I saw a cruet set that reminds me of the one that belonged to my maternal grandmother. I believe my mother also had it, and now I'm wondering what became of it. I hope my sister has it, but I can't recall seeing it. Your Christmas tea cups and saucers are all so pretty and festive, and I love the vintage Christmas ornaments on the tree. Your downstairs tea room is a beautiful place. You are blessed to have such space!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Bernideen, so many things to comment on here, so I'll just say hanging those ice skates on the front of the sideboard was pure genius! I don't know if you ever do a French-themed afternoon tea, but if so, you should check out my post this week of a little French pastry perfect for the occasion. My English grandmother was very impressed by all things French, so she would have loved it.

  3. Very nice Christmas gift of cups to young ladies learning of teas. Your Christmas decorations are a delight to see. I especially enjoy the white cottage with the silver trees and roof. Makes me imaging it's inside would be decorated the same as your room.

  4. Your tea room is stunning! So beautifully festive!


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