Sunday, December 4, 2022


 Hello dear Friends!

Every year I look forward to
getting out my angel
collection.  I don't buy anymore
now as I have plenty.

They are certainly some
of my favorite decorations and
are predominately by Nicol Sayre.

At couple years back, I made the
Ephemera Nativity piece
below left.

What's not to love
about decorating
for Christmas?

More to come......


  1. Lovely decor...and the angels are especially beautiful! I enjoyed your tour of decorations and look forward to seeing the rest when you are ready. I am still in the process of setting ours out a little at a time. After having had the flu/sinus infection last week + it has set me back a little, but we'll get there in time for Christmas! The important thing is to celebrate Christ's birth, regardless! Thank you again for sharing your lovely home with us. Have a blessed Advent/Christmas season.

  2. your angel band and your own creativity in making a nativity scene.

  3. Your nativity scene is so lovely, and your angel collection adds such charm to your home.

  4. Great idea to space out decorating for Christmas. You have a lot of lovely items to put out! I'm enjoying the decorating journey with you. Bless you both this Christmas season!


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