Tuesday, January 10, 2023


I recently began to acquire some
green transferware.  I don't have a lot so
I mixed it with some white dishes and
teapots to expand my display.

I glued the lid back on this sugar bowl that I had purchased 
 along with many other pieces 
that were broken
during shipment to me.

I find the green transferware hard to find.  This 
is a combination of different patterns:  Havana
and The Florentine by Johnson Brothers and
also Roxbury by Alfred Meakin.

What colors do you collect?


  1. Your green transfer ware is pretty and your collection is displayed so artistically.

  2. The tea pot in your header is so winter appropriate. But the green transferware is lending to a end of winter Spring color. It looks very lovely on display. So not good is the broken shipment news. It's not what you were paying for.

  3. Tour table is set beautifully…and the green transfer ware is gorgeous in the cabinet…I think green lends itself to just about every season. I love most colors of transfer ware but have collected mostly blue and brown…I would love to know the name this pattern, it’s charming. Thank you. Hoping you have a wonderful January, V.

  4. I really like the combination of your green transferware and the white plates and teapots...they go perfectly together. Although I don't have any transferware I always enjoy your tea table displays with your collections.


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