Thursday, February 16, 2023


 When February arrives we know that
Spring is not too far ahead and that
means the violets are coming.

This teapot above is an
English Crown Dorset.

I have always been fond of tea
wares with the violet theme.
The teapot on top of the cake
platter is from Japan.

We are having a cold, damp
and dreary day so violets will
certainly cheer things up.

I am starting to collect some purple
transferware but so far only have
4 plates.  It seems that is is rather
expensive. The teapot above lower
right is an English Crown Dorset.

This is one of the plates:

I am not fond of pieces from China
but did like this piece (from my 
former store) made in China for
Flowers & Balloons which became
Burton & Burton.

I just made a quick dash outside to
shake down the birdseed in the bird
feeder.  It could possibly snow here in
Missouri tonight.


  1. Your tea set is so beautiful. You have a lovely home. Violets look like a cheerful flower. God bless you!

  2. Wow, just beautiful and so feminine. I'd love to have tea at your place. Thanks so much for being a bright spot in the blogosphere!

  3. What a beautiful table. It's supposed to snow a bit here tonight and tomorrow. Looks like it's already snowing there. ❄️

  4. Your violet table is stunning and very inviting. I'd love to drop by and see it in person. 😉 It definitely brings with it the promise of spring. Thank you so much for sharing and brightening my day.

  5. Bernideen, I really like the white teapot that has the cross hatching at the top and the lovely bunches of violets at the bottom. This winter has been so off and on, that when it comes back today with snow I am disappointed. I love violets and have some in the lawn and under some hydrangea bushes.

  6. You have such a beautiful collection! I enjoyed seeing all of the lovely variety.

  7. Lovely display, lovely home…thank you for sharing. xo, V.

  8. You really do have such a beautiful collection of china with violets, Bernideen. They are so pretty on February dishes. Happy Birthday 💜


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