Friday, May 15, 2009


This was the view today as I drove down Woodmen to go to work.....plenty of snow up on Pike's Peak. Today is our official last potential frost date.

 It did snow here once in June - hard to believe! I stopped at the Home Depot and loaded up on foxgloves and perennials to work in my yard. I am very excited to see the lilies my daughter-in-law gave me all coming up nicely along with my delphiniums and lupines!


  1. What a beautiful view. My foxgloves are just now setting bloom buds, they are one of my favorite floweres, and they grow wild here.
    Have a great day. TTFN

  2. That is your view on the way to work? Beautiful!

  3. I'm just surprised, being from southern California, that it is still snowing anywhere LOL. It looks pretty!

    All the best,

  4. Allison,

    Yesterday I went to the local nursery and loaded up on Foxgloves, Lupine, Columbine, and some really pretty annuals. I spent all day yesterday and today outside working in the garden.

    I just threw down my Cleome, Lupine, Purple Coneflower and Sweet Pea seeds. I am hoping for a better garden display this year. Last summer was terrible. DH and I are working really hard to bring a new look to the yard. Can't wait.

    xo Cath


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