Wednesday, March 3, 2010


This is another post representing my visit last week to 359 year old Gloucester, Virginia. Today I share a visit to Walter Reed's birthplace.  He was the U. S. Army physician who is highly honored because he made the discovery that yellow fever was transmitted by the mosquito.  This plaque is at the home which was his birthplace.  An old tree stands as a reminder of a past era and specifically one when a home depended upon a fireplace for warmth.

 I hope you have enjoyed your visit with me to the middle peninsula of the Cheasapeake Bay Tidewater Area!


  1. Dear Bernideen,
    Enjoyed visiting with you today and seeing this beautiful little place!

  2. What a lovely trip. I have not heard of this place, but will keep it in mind if I ever get to Virginia. Red cardinals are so beautiful too. I miss not having them in Oregon.

  3. Thank you for sharing this piece of History. I love history so I enjoyed visiting with you today. I've never heard of this place..... but if ever I'm in Virginia I'll be sure and keep this in mind.

    Erica :-)

  4. One of my favorite places in the USA is Williamsburg! Haven't been there for a while, but love to spend time there. Sooo much history. Glad you could share it with us.


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