Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last week I googled some meyer lemon marmalade recipes and read them over and over.  I was an avid canner back in the 70's and 80's so water bath canning is in my background.   As you may know, it really is relatively easy!  I have seen meyer lemons at our local grocery store for several months.  After reading a number of recipes, I settled on using 8 lemons to 4 cups of sugar and 4 cups of how hard can that be?  The lemons I found were medium sized  so I would have used only 6 if they had been larger!

This recipe will make enough marmalade to fill  6 - 8 0z jelly jars.....

Ingredients: 8 medium meyer lemons which are sweeter than regular lemons, 4 cups water and 4 cups sugar
You will need a small water bath canner, 6 - 8 oz jelly jars, lids and screw bans and a candy thermometer

Another thing that I loved about this recipe is that if you work like I do - you can make this in 2 nights and spread the job out because the lemons soak in water 24 hours!  Wash the lemons and cut them into thin slices removing the seeds.  I found different uses for the seeds (many recipes call for putting them in cheesecloth to soak in the pot) but I just threw them away. The KIS method! I went ahead and chopped each lemon slice up here.  Using a good 5 quart non-reactive pot with a lid - soak the chopped lemons for 24 hours in the 4 cups of water. I sat mine on the stove - but no heat please!

Last night after work I brought the lemons in the water to a boil and simmered them for 45 minutes. Then I began to add the 4 cups of sugar to the pot over medium heat for another 30 minutes stirring often.  I turned the temperature up at the end and tested it with a candy thermometer to make sure it reached 220 degrees SO THAT IT WOULD THICKEN properly.  You don't want a runny marmalade!

Once it was nicely thickened, I poured it into my PREWASHED hot, dry jars using a funnel so as not to make a MESS!  Wiping the jars clean - putting on the lids and screw bands tight! Place in the canning pot with a metal holder and make sure all jars are covered with water at least 1".  YOU WILL BOIL THE JARS FOR 5 minutes!  Remove WITH   jar tongs carefully to cool! Place on a kitchen towel on the counter.

Like many of you, I find great pleasure in the POP - POP - POP as jars cool on a towel and the lids seal!  That occasional one that doesn't seal often can be pushed down with the finger later.

Now don't these look wonderful!  IF YOU HAVE A TEA ROOM and a commercial kitchen - you could sell these easily for $8.95 - 9.95 or you could sell them at the farmers market when made in your own kitchen!  Generally, prices are less at a farmers market than a retail shop.  The cost to make them was minimal- especially if you buy jelly jars on sale!  CANNING IS SO MUCH FUN - I LOVE IT!


  1. This sounds so good and I have a bunch of Meyer lemons right now, yummmm!

  2. Hi Bernideen,
    I wouldn't sell the marmelade! I would bake fresh Scones and eat it by myself. Looks delicious.
    Greetings, Johanna

  3. That does sound easy enough that I may give it a try soon. I love your tea jar.

  4. Now those look so good!!! I do love that popping sound too.


  5. It looks beautiful, I love canning and the satisfaction of making your own "stuff"..

  6. THis looks so wonderful...I enjoyed the canning refresher course...I always get a bit nervous with that. Will you be posting the recipe in its entirety? I'd love to try it out some time...

    It's always fun reading your posts!! I don't know how you do all you all day at your beautiful store, then go home and bake and create!! What vitamin do you take?! (SMILES)


  7. That looks delicious! Am keeping the recipe. Thanks for sharing. Love the OCR teacups as well!

  8. I always love your recipes and this one is so timely.

    I have a bag of Meyer lemons which must be used soon. I have found they don't last as long as others in the frig.

    My sister and I were just talking yesterday how we want to get back to doing more canning. With the rising cost of food, this is SO much cheaper.

    I was wondering, is it okay to can lemon curd at home?

  9. I love Meyer lemons but alas, they aren't in our stores yet -- my tree only gave me two this year - just enough for curd! I wish I had a store of Meyer lemon marmalade in the pantry -- lucky you!!!

  10. I wish I was brave enough to try canning! These look lovely! :)

  11. These look magnificent, I so much appreciate you sharing the recipe and your beautiful pictures of the process. I have a Meyers Lemon tree and need to make something else besides lemonade. The popping of the lids is my favorite part of canning. I bet this is wonderful in scones.

  12. Me again, got it to work...need the oranges, and then I will be ready to go! Thanks for all the tips!


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