Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Welcome to "Tea In the Garden"! 

  Today Scarecrow Lady pretty much took over this event suggesting "what should go where" and "how" it should be done.  I must say "Bossy" is her first name!

This fall season has certainly begun in Colorado and the cool nights are bringing on the change of the leaves. 

I have several fall teapots and this bittersweet one is a favorite.  I would love to have bittersweet growing in my yard.  Does anyone have it?  I put some "fake" bittersweet on my birdhouse today for this photo shoot.  The smell of real bittersweet is lovely.

I wish you all a wonderful fall 
and a wonderful week.


  1. Oh, I do love crazy quilts! Got one in progress myself, and now you've got me wanting to make a tabletopper as well. Just lovely!

  2. Hi Bernideen. I love your scarecrow! You always do the most wonderful seasonal displays in your home and garden. Always such a pleasure to visit! Several ladies posted with bittersweet this week. Does it grow in your altitude? I've not seen it here at the ocean, but it is so pretty!

  3. Good afternoon Bernideen,
    Your bittersweet tea set is lovely and the quilt makes a fab topper for the tea table. Love your scarecrow lady! Her pretty doilies look familiar! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.


  4. She is the best Lady Scarecrow I have ever seen. What a lovely fall teascape..very nice..

  5. Hi Bernideen,
    I'm rushing fall. I linked your Tea With Friends on my blog. I hope you don't mind I didn't use Tea In The Garden. I love your Autumn theme today. I love joining your party.
    Thanks so much.

  6. What an elaborate and lovely tea in your garden! I love the quilt and the scarecrow. Your teaset is just beautiful, and I adore your garden too!

  7. I love our Fall tea service. What a lovely way to set tea time outdoors.

    Jocelyn @

  8. Love it!! I would be thrilled to join your scarecrow lady for tea in the garden!

  9. Hi Bernideen,
    What a lovely tea you given us today! The beautiful crazy quilt is perfect for this time of year and your tea dishes with the bittersweet design so perfect too! Your Ms. Scareacrow is so cute!! She does look a little bossy! I have lots of bittersweet here at home. This year though the vines have grown up a nearby tree and all the berries are up too high for me to get to! I usually have lots to give away to friends, but not this year! Thank you for hosting your fun tea parties and have a wonderful rest of the week!

  10. Such an elegant lady in the garden--I'd love to come to tea:-D Your tea pot is so Fall-like and perfect amongst the pumpkins and Queen Anne's Lace. XOXO

  11. Love your "ScareLady" and the Tea ! The temperature here in Georgia are in the 50's over night now and it feels great.

  12. She is one fancy scarecrow. Very cute and clever of you. Not too scary though. She looks friendly and well dressed. :) Lovely gardens which are lookin' so good for this time of year.
    Love that crazy quilt too. I find them fascinating. Glad to see the tradition continues and what a great idea to have a quilter's tea. Bet we will get to hear more about that. Can't wait.
    Ruthie from:

  13. Hi Bernideen,
    that scarecrow is a lovely Lady. I love how you made her dress with doilies. That look so pretty. Could be a nice idea for a woman's apron, too. And your china is again to die for. Thank you for sharing your pretty tea setting and for hosting this event.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  14. Your crazy quilt makes a beautiful statement for an autumn tea in the garden. Of course, so does "Bossy".

  15. I love MS Bossy. She's great and lots of fun.
    Happy Fall!

  16. Hi Bernideen,

    Your autumn decorations are a delightful to view. Beautiful quilt and scarecrow. Autumn is looking wonderful at your home. Thank you for hosting.

  17. What a great fall display. Your bittersweet teaware is lovely and so is the crazy quilt, leaf embroidered linens and Scarecrow lady.

  18. Hello Bernideen - love your lady scarecrow - she's perfect! The quilt is gorgeous and love your tea set - so ready for fall! I do appreciate you hosting and sharing,

  19. Miss Bossy is so cute Bernideen. Love your tea in the garden. From your bittersweet teapot, to the pumpkin dishes, and gorgeous crazy quilt. Thanks so much for sharing with Share your Cup. I don't do alot of tea post, but I will hop over and share whenever I do.


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