Saturday, July 20, 2013


I love old things.  I don't know why.  I love old china... I don't know why.

I recall a song from a long time ago called
"I don't know why I love you like I do".

We don't plan to use these gloves while
eating but they sure match the design.

This week I found some lovely 1950's dishes that are Rosebud Bouquet pattern produced in the USA.  I got them at 2 separate antique malls in Denver, Colorado!  Would you believe they are 2 different versions of pretty much the same thing.  One is Harkerware and the other is Whitechapel China.  Perhaps that really is the same company with just different backstamps - this I will have to research.

I did see on line where there was an ad in the Binghamton Press Newspaper dated January 28,  1959 selling these dishes at a furniture store.  The advertisement talked about these wonderful CHIP RESISTANT dishes.  Between the two partial sets I have 70 pieces. These are everyday kitchen dishes and very soft and fun!  I plan to use them for everyday but no dishwasher!

Is your style changing or staying the same?  I have been moving toward Vintage Cottage Style this year.  It seems where I am at in life now.  I have moved away from the Victorian Style I used to have.

Today I also got to meet a fellow blogger, Linda Jennings from Friendship Tea who visited my store!  I wish I was skinny for this
picture so I apologize for the fact that I have become the "big girl".  
(Linda on the left and me on the right) 
You know, I think we look alike - 
what do you think - sisters?


  1. I LOVE this china - and love you keep finding it all over the place. It's classic - and for use in your pretty white cottage kitchen! LOVE!

    How awesome you met Linda - isn't she a sweetie?
    Yes you both look beautiful, happy smiling faces - and look related.

    What a special treat to meet a fellow blogger in person. I would loooove to visit your gorgeous store one day in the future.

    Big hugs,


  2. Yes, you do look like you could be related. Now here are two lovely ladies and I have met both in person.
    Love you new plates, so sweet. I recently found sound small plates all made in the US, Homer Laughlin. I couldn't resist and love them too. There is something special about finding china made in the US.

  3. How neat! You do look related.

    Such pretty plates. I love how your buffet looks pale pink in the photo. So charming.

    How neat that your style is evolving.

  4. Yes, you do look somewhat alike! Those dishes are very pretty and fit well into your style. Not sure what style I am! Just a mix I guess! Nancy

  5. Bernideen, I love your "new" china! So pretty! It's great that you and Linda got to meet!

  6. I too have been moving toward a more cottage comfy home over the last few years. Though we rent, I still decorate like it's ours to please our taste. Your dishes are beautiful and the pale colors of your furniture are gorgeous. I'm new to your blog and look forward to following along. I am having a GIVEAWAY if you would like to put your name in the mix. Hugs and thanks for having me. Tammy

  7. You two look so cute Bernideen! How nice for you guys to meet.
    I am in love with your new china. Anything with roses gets my attention and these are beautiful!!!

  8. Hi Bernideen,
    You look great! How nice for you and Linda to meet each other. It is sooo nice for me to see who I have become blogging friends with too! I just love that rosebud dinner set - absolutely my taste too. Rosebuds on china is so exquisite! I hope that someday I can come to your shop too. Have a wonderful weekend! Take care,

  9. Hello Bernideen.. Happy Sunday. Thank you for leaving me your sweet words today. So sweet. Your china is beautiful. How lucky that you have so many pieces in your collection. I like you just the way you are. You look great to me.

  10. Love your new china, it's such a beautiful pattern. I think we are forever changing fluffing our nests. Happy week!

  11. I love this beautiful American rosebud china, it's so sweet and the gloves are perfect too...amazing! You look wonderful dear Bernideen and you are not a 'big girl!' I saw huge girls now that I was in Orlando...I mean HUGE!!! I was so stunned at some young women and men in the USA, so bad for their health too! Thanks for your lovely and kind visit. Have a wonderful week.

  12. How wonderful that you and Linda were able to meet! How fun it would be to walk into your store and meet you in person! Your new china is so lovely and how great to have so many pieces!

  13. Oh how fun that you and Linda got to meet each other during her family trip to Colorado! I KNOW Linda had a fun time shopping in your store, and she'll probably share her new "treasures" on her blog when she gets home. Your Rosebud Bouquet china is LOVELY! And I love your transition from Victorian to Vintage Cottage. It probably seems like a whole new home.

  14. Your china is gorgeous. I love that style. I know what you mean about "moving away" from styles that you once enjoyed. I too am exploring other styles of decor, love shabby chic probably always will but enjoy the cottage decor as well.. I really enjoy your blog.



  15. Pretty and delicate and I like the matching gloves. Already commented on your blogger connection on your other blog.

  16. Hello Bernideen,
    Your post today is totally gorgeous! Every image you share is full of beauty. Your rosebud china set is so pretty. They has such a great vintage look. You must really love these. I also love your pink sideboard! That looks amazing. Everything looks so lovely...especially YOU!

  17. That china is adorable. I love the rose buds and how cute and tiny they are. Your Sadler teapot is very well to use with them.
    And yes, Linda and you do look kike sisters!

  18. We arrived home last night from our 10 day trip. Meeting and visiting with you (and of course, shopping) in your fabulous shop was a highlight of my trip to Colorado. Since you are originally from Virginia and I am from Kentucky, we very well could be related!

  19. Hello Bernideen, these dishes are exquisite - love the delicate rosebuds. How cool that they are from two different named makers with similar patterns - perhaps you're right - the same in different names. I am delighted to share that your post will be featured in this week's Home and Garden Thursday,

  20. Hello,

    I just recently started collecting this very same pattern : ) It's funny how I found a new Goodwill Outlet! It was in this big bin where it could have been broke. This place charged by the pound if you can believe it. The feel of it and so pretty, I just couldn't leave it about $4 later...I can home with a partial set. I have collected a piece here and there for about a year. It's VERY very hard to find. I am just in love with it too! I would love to keep in touch and help each other collect. I have some tea cups and saucers that I won't need if you need more? So glad I found your blog post.
    ps-you have probably found it but it's Harkerware Rosebud pattern from East Liverpool Ohio.
    Janie Dockus


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