Friday, January 31, 2014


Today it snowed all day long!  It was lovely and since I was home for some sewing I decided to make Chicken Pot Pie.  Now that's comfort food.

I looked at a number of recipes and settled on this recipe from the A Taste of Home website.  I also made a Spinach Salad which was a nice accompaniment with the pie.

Instead of using the recommended store bought pie crust - I made mine from scratch.  Well actually - I made 2 so I had to double the crisco pie dough recipe.  As I was making the filling I thought "this is a lot of filling" and then I realized this recipe made 2 chicken pot pies so I have one in the freezer too!


  1. Beautiful pictures of your comfort food, chicken pie sounds delicious. We have cold and wet weather now, so I am going to make some comfort food too for this evening. Pretty teapots on the dresser.

  2. It's a beautiful pie and I bet it tasted real good, too!

  3. Yes it is! Love your table setting; it's so warm and inviting...and putting something warm in your stomach will be inviting. XOXO

  4. Oh, Bernideen, your chicken pot pie looks amazing! I'm going to give it a try soon. It's perfect comfort food for a cold winter day.

  5. Chicken pot pie always sounds so good. I need to check out the recipe you used, as I have not found one I like. The spinach salad looks delicious and I need something to take to a potluck tomorrow, this could be it.

  6. Chicken pot pie does sound like comfort food and the deign on your pastry along with the edges makes it look very appetizing.

  7. It looks absolutely scrummy Bernideen and a bonus to have a second one to draw on later!
    So glad you joined my giveaway - thank you for your kind comment.

  8. It looks yummy and the crust is absolutely perfect!

  9. Your decorative crust is so pretty, too!


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