Friday, September 5, 2014


The problem with pulling out fall is where do you stop.  After doing my buffet my picture of roses on the wall just didn't work.  Also, some of the rose plates had to go till this season is over.

I also decided I needed to put more of the shabby chic pumpkins I made last year on the buffet:

So I had to change that picture that is usually above with the roses and in the den I found this card 
which was in a frame that had the right colors. 
 I also switched some plates for the fall season:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your buffet looks great, Bernideen! I love your lacy pumpkins!

  2. Your buffet looks great, especially with those cottage teapots! The lace pumpkins are really neat.

  3. Your painted buffet looks wonderful. Those shabby chic pumpkins are so cute and they do look perfect on a painted buffet.

  4. Very pretty! I think that is why I haven't started switching seasons yet. I wouldn't stop either. Soon very soon, I can feel it coming.

  5. I really love those shabby chic pumpkins, Bernideen. I made one from a old cable knit sweater, but yours are so pretty with the lace. Love them!!!!!!

  6. You have made the transition to fall beautifully. Your buffet is perfect for fall and any season. It is a lovely piece.

    Wishing you a great week.


  7. Lovely fall vignette... but your issue of 'where to stop' reminded me of the children's story 'If you give a mouse a cookie'... it goes on pretty much in the same fashion as your decorating changes!

  8. Beautiful vignette, and I adore those lace pumpkins!


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