Friday, May 27, 2016


Last night we had some rain and now the garden is happy!  I barely got the pictures taken which is why you can see the woods in the back are very dark:

We will have a cup of tea before we sing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" as it is starting to sprinkle now!  The purple bush you see is Spirea and it is blooming now.  You may remember that we dug it up from over by the pond where it totally blocked the view.  It seems quite happy out in the back yard now.

 I recall that Cicely Barker was the originator of Flower Fairies and I do so love her books.  I will always remember these as one of my favorite things I sold at my shop and how people loved them.

Cicely's fairies had no ethereal powers but were just for fun.

My garden is beginning to get "set in".  By that I mean new root growth which is so important before the temperature starts to soar here.  By June it will be getting very hot.

 One of our goals here in Missouri is to take a lot of "day trips" around the state.  We did so one day last week and came upon a small town called "Greenwood" where there were 4-5 antique shops.  I found this quilt at one of them for a reasonable price:

And watch out for the butterflies too:


  1. OH my friend, Bernideen, how I love seeing your teas in the garden! Your bouquet of flowers is soooo pretty, and your fairy teapot is just darling. Of course your fairy is the perfect hostess, and sitting so sweetly on your gorgeous new butterfly quilt. I wish I lived close to you so that I could visit in person. Thanks so much for hosting and Happy Memorial Day weekend to you. Have fun on those day trips!

  2. Such a beautiful garden. It looks so full already. I love your butterfly quilt. xoxo Su

  3. What a gorgeous tea....ypur flowers are sublime!

  4. Your garden is looking beautiful. I like your idea to explore your state. Consider a trip to Hermann, Missouri wine country. It's a fun place to visit and we've stayed several times at the Captain Wohlt Inn B & B.

  5. Just gorgeous, Bernideen. I have always loved those fairy/garden books, too. They are magical and lovely....just like your garden tea parties. xo Diana

    ps. Those littles of yours are just darling in the last picture!

  6. Bernideen,
    What a beautiful tea setting!! Even though it was starting to rain...Your garden is looking beautiful! We have been having close to record breaking heat so I was finally able to plant my flowers.Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  7. You garden tea is gorgeous. Love those scalloped cups. May I ask who is the maker? I did not know about the author Cicely Barker. Perhaps my library has some of her books. The garden fairy doll is adorable. She must be happy at her new home. Jill

  8. Oh isn't this absolutely precious?

    Bernideen, it is so so pretty - your garden and ohhh la la those gorgeous teacups, love, love love!

    And I think that is one of the cutest quilts I have ever seen!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hug hugs. ♥

  9. Your garden grows more beautiful each day, Bernideen. Your daytrips around Missouri sound like a fun way to explore and get to know your new state.

  10. Beauty in every photo!

    My garden is starting to take off so perhaps I can join you for your 100th on the 10th!

  11. Hi Bernideen...back in internet land...LOVE the butterfly quilt! That is so cute! Your garden is lovely...Your new home is perfect for you!

  12. Hi Bernideen! What a lovely tea in your beautiful garden! I especially like your flower fairy teapot! You may remember I collect the Cecely Barker flower fairies. I have a teapot with her fairies that I plan to use when more of my flowers bloom! Your quilt is perfect for your garden tea and your teacups so pretty!! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  13. The rain is always such a blessing for our gardens during this season and your flowers are becoming wonderful more and more every week, enjoy it, my Dearest Lady !

    Hope you had a lovely week I'm sending blessings on your weekend and on your Memorial Day ahead, sending my dearest love across the many miles


  14. Cicely Mary Barker fairies are the first I ever purchased and I have one of her books too. I like the new setting for your garden teas Bernideen.
    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

  15. Love this! Will join next time....Christine

  16. Your garden is really beginning to shine with your hands in it.

  17. What a beauiful tea in the garden staging Bernideen! Did Keith sit out there with you and enjoy a cuppa? On the Spirea bush, do you cut the spent blooms off of those?
    Happy Wednesday to you, I am off to work now.


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