Friday, May 6, 2016

SOFT AND SWEET FOR "Tea In The Garden"

We are enjoying such an amazing springtime here in Missouri.  I feel very spoiled.  It has been over 22 years since I have experienced a springtime like this.  It was colder on Monday and rained and we turned the heat back on at night.  The rest of the week has been lovely and I have found myself out in the garden getting the job done.  I have been digging out flower garden areas for days.  I can't believe how much you can get done when you don't have to go to work all day!  Retirement is amazing.

Welcome to Tea In The Garden:  

When I first started digging out our lawn, my knees really hurt.  But I decided that I wasn't going to quit and now I can't believe how much stronger I have gotten......not that I don't hurt though but not as much as at first.

Please pour yourself a nice cup of hot tea.  Pick you own teacup and saucer.  I have apricots with whipped cream on top too!  Can I tell you something funny.  Of course I can.  After I was done taking photos I went in the house where my Hubby had 2 electricians doing whatever they do.  I gave them the desserts.  They gobbled them down and the one man said "I've never had apricots before".  Imagine that!

Yesterday I was near the pond and I see Jeremy Fisher now has a real live frog friend to chat with!

Today I am sharing something wonderful.  I got this fabulous crochet table cloth (really a bed cover I think) at an estate sale last weekend.  It was only $4.00.   Retirement is good!

This is the back garden area where I have been digging out this week. I am sure next year it will be so much more developed than now.  I will be off for more plants today.  I am trying to get as much done as possible before the heat of summer arrives here.

As you can see I have definitely dug some serious dirt:

My sweet daughter in law gave me some bulbs that are finished for this season but will be lovely next year.  Also, she shared  some Lily of the Valley, some Cone flowers, some irises and some perennials.  Dear little bunnies love those cone flowers!

I know that "Tea In The Garden" isn't possible yet for many still in cold weather.  That would of been me if I still lived in Colorado.  So feel free to link a past "Tea In The Garden" or if you have none to share link any tea vignette.  There won't be any special featured blogs because frankly - EACH ONE IS A SPECIAL FEATURE!  Please visit them and see!
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  1. Oh Oh... I now see that my link posted immediately. I'm confused. I know you used to chose which ones you wanted for your blog... and then some would be posted on a certain day.... (You sure seem to be more tech savy than I am Bernideen!)
    I have been really, really lax at keeping up with all the wonderful blogs I follow, such as yours. But I broke my ankle last week and now I have way more time to sit in front of my laptop.
    I love, love, love these photos and I so wish I could just make a wish and arrive in the midst of them, sipping tea and enjoying apricots and whipped cream with you. The weather here in Western Massachusetts the last week has been cold, dark, rainy and miserable.. and I've been stuck in the house. Once it warms up I'm hoping to be able to get myself out onto my big front porch, where I plan to do some reading. ; o )

  2. OK - I think I got it... You are now allowing fellow bloggers to post immediately. As you said, all the posts are special. I'm sure hoping you like my link for "Yellow Layer Cake with Mini Chocolate Chips and English Toffee Bits', which also gives information for adding a few extra ingredients to packaged cake mix so the layers will be, once again, as high as they used to be before some companies started making their mixes smaller and smaller. HOW WRONG, huh?

  3. Hi Bernideen,
    I love your outdoor tea time today! Those Chintz teapots are gorgeous and I would love to sip my tea from Royal Albert's Old English Rose. I think I can see one on your pretty teacup stand. You have worked so hard on your garden and I think you deserve to sit on your pretty chairs and have a rest. Thank you for hosting Tea in the Garden today! Have a Wonderful Mother's Day! Karen

  4. Wow Bernideen, your new house has a lot of nice features! Love that little water feature! Your garden will look beautiful I know you have the touch. I did a double take on that tablecloth, it looks beautiful for Tea in the Garden. Thanks for hosting!

  5. I'm impressed with all that digging you've done! I loved joining you today for your tea party and have been admiring that crocheted cover on your table.

  6. Even if I have no posts to share, I cannot help but come here and send you all my dearest love for wishing you a most wonderful weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you, dearest Bernideen !

    Hugs and more hugs


  7. Glad you are enjoying your new digs and your retirement! Everything is looking lovely!

  8. I love your beautiful table and the wonderful things you have on it. I was surprised at the man never having eaten apricots. You sure did work hard. The rewards will be well worth it. Blessings for a happy mother's day. xoxo, Susie

  9. I love your new crocheted tablecloth ....just gorgeous .....and what a great price! I don't have a tea post today, so I will just visit the other pretty tea posts....hugs...

  10. What a lovely table setting. We finialy here in Wisconsin have green grass. We will be planting our garden this next coming week and I will be planting more flowers, as I get older the more I want to see color and your blog always has such beautiful colors.

  11. Bernideen, your tea in the garden is darling! Your flowers are gorgeous and your china so beautiful! You have definitely found a beautiful spot to live and enjoy retirement. Looks like you really have been busy out there digging. I'm glad you enjoy it.
    I can't garden because of health issues and Hubby is too busy. He really doesn't enjoy it anyway. It really is a shame. I hope the next residents can enjoy all this property we have and turn it into something special.
    I look forward to your lovely teas this summer and I hope I can join in. It's still very cold here although it promises to warm up a little today. Enjoy your weekend, my dear friend, and Happy Mother's Day!


  12. My hydrangeas are just starting to bloom. They got a shock a few weeks back when the nights turned chilly! Happy Mother's Day, dear friend, XOXO

  13. It is so lovely in your garden! It has been a very rainy spring here so now tea in the garden here, yet! I hope to join in soon, and tea and gardens are some of my favorite things!

    Glad you are thriving in your retirement!

  14. Lovely Bernideen...especially in contrast to the snow in Colorado! Lovely tea setting. everything is so pretty! We don't garden anymore...with health things, when we moved we went basically garden free by choice. That makes it especially nice to enjoy yours! Thanks for hosting and Happy Mother's Day this weekend!

  15. Bernideen, your garden is just as lovely as it was in Colorado. Wouldn't expect anything less from you dear friend! :) You have done some serious digging. You remind me so much of myself. We have got to have a place for flowers. What a find that tablecloth is. Beautiful tea in the garden!

  16. Happy Mother's Day, Bernideen! Your garden tea setting is lovely. I confess that I don't have much of a green thumb, but I do appreciate other people's beautiful gardens!

  17. Hi Bernideen, I missed seeing you this morning. I do hope you had a wonderful first Mother's Day as a resident of Missouri! Your tea in the garden looks absolutely beautiful! I need to come over again and see first hand what you have done. I am going to start digging in my back yard tomorrow! Rain or shine, I'll be digging!
    That's so cute that Jeremy has a real frog friend!! Awww...
    Talk to you soon!

  18. Your garden is looking so beautiful , Bernideen! All your hard work is paying off. The crocheted table covering is just spectacular. Aren't you so happy in your new home?

  19. I'm so pleased to see my post "Yellow Layer Cake with Mini Chocolate Chips and English Toffee Bits" was shared today. It makes my heart happy!! And I think/hope others enjoy the information about how adding a few ingredients guarantees your cakes will be good-sized, inspite of some cake mix manufacturers selling smaller & smaller mixes.

  20. Hi Bernideen! Your garden areas look wonderful--SO much work. I'm what you'd call a [very] lazy gardener, so not much gets done. Weeding and mulching are sometimes it. Loving your new table cloth/bed spread; it looks just lovely on your tea table. So sweet that you got to introduce your workman to apricots :) Thanks for linking up with Vintage Charm!


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