Monday, September 26, 2016


Today I tried one of the scone recipes in the
 Hoffman Media publication called 
 We loved the Apricot Scones.
 Scones usually call for milk, buttermilk or
 heavy cream. etc.  
These called for heavy cream.
 (page 13-14)

 I think you would enjoy these teatime publications
 that spin 
off  "Tea Time Magazine"!

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  1. Oh how I'd love to sit and enjoy a scone with you, Bernideen! Of course, Your teapot is a favorite of mine, along with your tiered tray that your hubby made.

  2. Oh my, they look delicious! I love Hoffman publication. The teapot is so cute too. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I have never had an apricot scone, but it sounds absolutely delish.

    You have made us a very nice teatime treat, Bernideen - thank you!

    I haven't made scones is so long - I don't think in my adult life I've ever gone this long not making them - guess over the summer I was too hot to bake much. You inspired me - that and this nice cool weather than came today. FINALLY.


  4. Apricot scones sound delicious and perfect
    with you lovely tea!

  5. Apricot scones have always been one of my favorites. These look great!

  6. Those scones look so yummy, Bernideen ! I could sure eat one now with a cup of Tea.

  7. I'm so very glad to read a post of yours, darling Bernideen, and with such a precious recipe which tempts my palate ... !

    Hope you're recovering more and more,
    I'm sending blessings on the reaminder of your week, precious friend

    Xx Dany

  8. Were the scones good? They looks delicious!

  9. Those scones look fantastic!! I happen to have some apricots! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh darn, Bernideen. I have that adorable teapot, but my lid has gone missing in the pack up and move. Hopefully it will appear sooner or later, and the creamer has disappeared also. Love you cookie tray, will be thinking of making myself one, while lusting after those delicious scones. Thanks for the great ideas, and I really do need to find that teapot lid. Sandi

  11. The Apricot Scones look heavenly. Yum.

  12. I agree with everyone else those apricot scones looks really good,which I have never had those before.Your 3 tier tray looks inviting full of the scones

  13. The scones look delicious and your china is always a delight to admire!

  14. Dear Bernideen,
    the Apricot Scones look delicious and little tea pot and the Chintz tea set is perfect to them.Thank you for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. Oh I'd like to try those apricot scones. Your cottage teapot is rather gorgeous too along with your floral chintz teacup.


  16. Oh wow Bernideen, they look amazing! YUM!

  17. I so love scones and apricots! I need to make these!

  18. Bernideen, I needed to be there! I love apricot and apricot scones, and to have them served in your lovely new home on that fabulously fall 3-tiered stand, well, I'd be very happy!


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