Friday, September 30, 2016

A BITTERSWEET TEA for "Tea In The Garden"

We are so loving the change in temperature here
 in Missouri.  Frankly, we were very ready
 after a hot summer which was 
to be expected but at times a bit trying.

This morning I set up a little tea time
 under the deck area 
in the garden.  Things have
really settled back in
the garden. 

Do you know this song?

I have been enjoying getting out my 
fall cookbooks and some tea books.

Yesterday we took a break and 
I found a branch of bittersweet at an antique mall. 
 I just planted 12 bittersweet plants too so I hope to
 have my own in a few years.  They told me to buy at least
5 plants as some were male and some female but impossible
to tell apart so to insure berries - buy 5.  To be really
safe, I bought 12.  Anyone in our area can find them at
Missouri Wildflower Gardens in Jefferson City, Mo.

It is such a lovely day and in fact all week has been amazing. 
Please pour yourself a cup of Cinnamon tea!

I have been enjoying the pumpkins I made last year.

I am sorry to be a little late today with posting!
  I hope you can join me if you are a tea time poster or baker! 
I am joining these parties:
The Art of Homemaking Mondays
Tuesday Cuppa Tea
Home Sweet Home
Tea Cup Tuesday
Let's Talk Vintage


Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Bernideen,
I always love to see your Bittersweet tea set. And the branch is perfect matching. I wish you luck with the Bittersweet plants and that you may have next years branches with berries. Your setting is nice with lace and burlap. All is perfect. Thank you for sharing this Bittersweet post and for hosting this event.
Best greetings,

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
Oh I just love this post. The Autumn Leaves sheet music and treble clef tea spoon are taking me back to my childhood. My father owned a music store and we had so much sheet music around the piano. I don't know this particular tune but always sang an Autumn Leaves song at this time of year with my kindergarten classes. It went like this: Autumn Leaves of red and gold are falling through the air... they make a magic carpet for children everywhere! Your fall tea set is so very perfect and I also adore your owl and pumpkins. Thank you for making me reminisce and smile today. Blessings, Karen

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your outdoor tea time is as charming as ever, dear Bernideen! Yes, I know the song, "Autumn Leaves", and I have that same Susan Branch book. Your pumpkins are darling, and embellished perfectly. Did you make that cute owl? He is adorable! Thanks for hosting and happy weekend to you.

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

Lovely tea service Bernideen!

Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Your garden looks so lovely! What a beautiful place to enjoy a cup of tea!

Margie said...

Another lovely outdoor tea setting. The lacy owl is too cute! Thank you for hosting and enjoy the first weekend of October.

Vee said...

Glad that you are enjoying cooler temps after the long, hot summer. It surprises me that you have already found bittersweet. It is much too early for it here. Your tea scapes are always so very charming. Love the bittersweet tea pot.

quakerhillfarm said...

I love bittersweet! Yours is so pretty. I have never tried to grow it, but I should. Your tea is lovely as always and I too am glad for the cooler temps! Have a beautiful week.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

So glad you are enjoying tea time in the garden. I have not enjoyed my garden or patio at all this year, as we have had HOT HOT weather. I will be so glad to be able to go out and sit with a great cup of tea, and maybe put a fire into the outdoor fireplace - oh sounds so good.

Have a wonderful Fall weekend - dishes are stunning.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Your bittersweet branches from the antique store are pretty, and the bittersweet patterned tea set is gorgeous. I'm in Missouri too, and the late September heat was starting to get just a bit old. These last few days feel so refreshing. Tomorrow I will do some Fall decorating outside and around the house. I pulled the zinnia beds out and I need to get something to look pretty out there very soon, it looks like a war happened where my zinnias once grew. Now it feels like it 'tis the season, since it's finally cooled down.

Very interesting information about bittersweet plants. I didn't know it grew here in Missouri.

Happy Fall!

Summer said...

Nice tea setting! Love the Susan Branch book ♥

Mimi said...

Dear Bernideen, what a picture you shared today. The teaset is divine, and now I know what Bittersweet is! I'd never heard of it before. It's been a busy time with Spring vacation here, so I thought I'd share an older post for my Nannas 3 ingredient fruit cake. I apologise if you've seen it before! Much love, Mimi xxx

Linda Jennings said...

There is so much bittersweet around here that the town just south of us is having their annual Bittersweet Festival this weekend.

Mrs.T said...

Everything is lovely, Bernideen. I'm sorry I've been so absent of late. Life has been very busy. I so enjoyed seeing your bittersweet tea things. I love bittersweet and need to go check out my favorite stone wall for it soon.

The "Autumn Leaves" sheet music adds such a pretty touch!

janice15 said...

Such a lovely teaset Bernideen. I never heard of bittersweet plants. And I love that sweet owl... Fall is great isn't it.. Happy Sunday with love Janice ..thank you for your visit

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your bittersweet tea set is so pretty and a perfect set to use this time of year. Love your home made pumpkins too. I am loving the Autumn Leaves sheet music tucked into your tea. Such a pretty song! You have so many lovely spots in which to set out a tea time. Thank you for sharing and hosting.


Rosemary and Thyme said...

What a charming outdoor tea Bernideen. Feminine and elegant. I especially love the tea set with the autumn colors.

Have a great week.


Angela McRae said...

How lovely to see that Tea in the Garden can extend a little longer in your new abode! Look forward to following your first holidays there!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Yes I know that song Autumn Leaves! When my daughter took piano lessons that was one of the songs she played! A favorite of mine. I laughed when I read about your buying so many bittersweet plants! Hope you get one male from the bunch! That is all you need! A lovely tea! So glad your weather is cooler! Beautiful tea set and tablecloth!

Unknown said...

Your owl is darling. Good luck with your Bittersweet!

handmade by amalia said...

A gorgeous tea party. What a lovely tea set in autumn colors.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

What a pretty setting! Thank you so much for linking up with Let's Talk Vintage today!

The Charm of Home said...

I love your bittersweet tea set Bernideen!! How pretty! I just planted two vines and they are dong well because it has been wet. They are supposed to thrive in this area. We have weather much like you do here in IL. I hope we both have bittersweet to have tea with soon! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

Marilyn Miller said...

Lovely under the deck. How I would love to find bittersweet, it is so beautiful.

Deborah Montgomery said...

I love the pumpkin you made! And bittersweet is so lovely in the autumn. You've set a beautiful tea table for an autumn day. Blessings, Deborah

Valerie Cottage Making Mommy said...

Bernideen your house looks so pretty. Happy Fall.