Friday, November 4, 2016


Wednesday night it rained so the leaves have
really fallen down.  Of course, my husband
had just cleared them from the yard.

I just made us a nice cup of Republic's Pumpkin 
Spice Tea.
It is quite overcast outside today.

Would you believe we still have some
 mosquitoes coming into the house?
I told them to stay out but some wouldn't listen!

I have been looking at some Thanksgiving cookbooks.
  I say the same thing every year.  I wish our
 USA Thanksgiving was sooner on the calendar. 

If I had to pick,  I guess this would be
one of my favorite teapots:


  1. I can understand why that is a favorite teapot of yours, Bernideen. It looks so vintage and I love that you mixed it with those pretty teacups. Also, your outdoor table on your deck looks so inviting with that cozy afghan. May I ask where your table and chairs came from? I need a smaller set like that for my patio. Thanks for hosting, my friend, and enjoy reading all those Thanksgiving magazines and books.

  2. Hi Bernideen - agreed, that is one fine teapot! As for your telling those skeeters to stay OUT - better get a megaphone 'cuz they're not listening! :D

    Your teatime today is absolutely gorgeous. You nailed autumn perfectly with your post.

    I sure hope you are enjoying your lovely new home. We here in blogland sure are! Hugs! ♥

  3. Love that turkey teacup! It looks vintage. Who is the maker?

  4. Bernideen, since my post was mainly about blogging, I'm just here to visit today. Do you know Judy at Cranberry Morning? She does her family's thanksgiving in mid-October. Here's a link: I say, celebrate things when YOU want to!

  5. Hi Bernideen,
    I love your pics in your previous post as well as this post. What a gorgeous buffet to store CD's in. Your chandelier I see today is just my taste. I'm wondering if it was in your new house or if your hubby hung it. The chandelier at my cottage is what sold the house for me. I love, love, love chandies! Your teapot really is a beauty. I think we are lucky in Canada to have our Thanksgiving a little earlier before Christmas. Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea! Blessings, Karen

  6. That is a sweet teapot and I love your garden. The view from your windows is really lovely. You have quite a spot there, Bernideen.
    I am just visiting today as I don't have a post. I have had an extremely busy week so I haven't been home much. We have had dreary rainy weather all week and you can tell because folks are so glum. Hoping for some sun this weekend. Our mosquitoes are long gone. I remember my son saying how nice the weather stayed in that part of the country although he was over in IL. When the cold sets in here it usually stays. Enjoy your lovely Autumn and your garden and have a beautiful weekend, my friend.

    Blessings & hugs,

  7. Hi Bernideen! I can see why your beautiful teapot is a favorite of yours! Your teacups are so pretty! I like how you have a turkey on the outside of yours! Brown transferware so perfect for this time of year! I love the pic of your dining room and looking toward your deck! I bet you are enjoying it even more this season. Thank you for hosting and have a good weekend!

  8. Your pretty teapot is a favourite with me too. I'm also loving your turkey teacup. I'm glad that we celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving in October so we have more time to prep for Christmas. Thank you for hosting and have a great weekend!

  9. What a pretty post. I know this is a stupid question but is that bird thing on top part of that particular teapot or just something you added? it is just so sweet. Love your turkey cup, too! xo Diana

  10. Hi Bernideen, It's looking a lot like Autumn over at your house, with the Fall colored table cloth and all. Cute Turkey teacup, love it! See you Sunday!

  11. I am so loving your blog about tea and have gotten back into drinking hot tea, so delicious. I want to use some of my pretty teacups and teapots but am unsure if they are just for display or to really use. Is there any way to tell? I know the Asian sets sometimes say "not for food use, decoration only" but most do not. Gracious, your pictures are lovely and that garden.....

  12. Love the teacup. I have another turkey one that I enjoy using all this month. What a lovely teapot too.

  13. Hi Bernideen: I just love the tea cup you picked today. Your tea pot is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  14. Bernideen I am so glad you posted these cookbooks! I went right over and ordered one for a Christmas present! THey are wonderful! Thanks for hosting!~


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