Monday, November 21, 2016


This post isn't exactly about tea but it is about
 someone from England.  Last weekend we were
 invited to visit the historic Churchill Museum
 on the campus of Westminster College nearby
in Fulton, Missouri.

This is the Tuttle House which houses the
Churchill Institute and you know how I love
these Victorian homes.  Our friend, Dr. Kurt Jefferson
who invited us has his office located here:

Here is a collage of some of the home's features.

Across the street is a church dating back to the
 17th century which was completely
 moved piece by piece from London, England to
 Fulton, Missouri and reconstructed stone-by-stone
on the campus of Westminster College.

  These pictures are of the upper level:

 .......the lower level houses the Churchill Museum
as my husband Keith, his brother Paul and Dr. Jefferson
prepare to enter:

Some of you might recall Winston Churchill's
 famous "Iron Curtain"
Speech was given on the Westminster College
 Campus in 1946.
  (not that you were around then of course)
The collage below
shows him riding in an open car with President
Harry Truman:

My husband and I have recently experienced a
 renewed interest in history - how about you?
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Vee said...

That is pretty interesting and, no, I had no idea. I just learned that Wild Bill Hickock visited my town once, but I'd be more impressed with a visit from Winston Churchill.

Lady of the Manor said...

I just love how you highlight interesting places in Missouri. As a life-long MO resident, I've heard of many of these places, but like many, haven't visited them. (Why do we travel other places and neglect neat places in our own backyards?). Fulton and the Churchill Memorial are now on our list of places to visit in 2017. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Bernideen.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Bernideen,
very intersting. I do not know much about history. :-)
Best greetings, Johanna

Daniela said...

Thanks most sincerely for such an interesting and involving post I so enjoyed and love, my darling Bernideen, I'm so grateful to you for everything, just everything you share, sweet friend !

Wishing you all my best for your coming Thanksgiving Day,
I'm sending blessings of joy to you and your dear ones

Xx Dany

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Afternoon Bernideen, I was fascinated to read that your church had been dismantled in England and then rebuilt in America... that is such an achievement.
I loved reading about Sir Winston Churchill as he was such a charasmatic British prime minister.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Bernideen.
Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

Wow, this really is fascinating history. Glad you shared it.

Sandi Magle said...

I'm always about history. And your posts have been so interesting, I want to visit Missouri next summer. Thanks so much, last month we watched a BBC movie on Churchill in his later years. So this is a great fit for that. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving, Sandi

janice15 said...

I love and I love seeing the photos.. The victorian house looks great.. I'm hopi g to visit a old big victorian house this christmas. Where they tell stories.. Love the history.. Thank you for sharing... Happy Thanksgiving Bernideen to you and your family.. With love Janice

Sylvia said...

Bernideen, That was a great post. Churchill was a influential man in history. I was surprised to read that they move a church from England to the USA. Wow, sometimes I don't see that time of effort put into things these days. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What an interesting post! The Victorian is lovely and a pleasure to tour, I'm sure. Winston Churchill was a great man and a wise one too. That church is amazing! I love old churches especially "churches that look like a church." My hubby and I both love history but my hubby is totally into church history. You live in such an interesting place, Bernideen. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

This is awesome Bernideen! I recently finished watching "The Crown" and I loved learning more about Churchill. Hubby and I both love history. Thanks for sharing with SYC.