Saturday, November 5, 2016

THE FARMER'S MARKET and "My Secret Garden" Shop

It was a lovely day to go to the
Farmer's Market and see

what was available:

This lady sells her canned pickles, jams
 and salsa's
and they are wonderful!

A lady walked around playing the fiddle.  We
also stopped downtown and went into
several shops having Open House:


Janneke said...

Farmer´s markets are always a delight to visit and I always have to be careful not to buy too much fresh food, for we also have to eat it all.

Daniela said...

I so love farmer's markets, actually we buy vegetables and fruits during the cold season only there, on Tuesday and on Friday ... those kind of markets are all so very charming and still talking about past times, don't they ?

Thanks most sincerely for this so lovely blog post, darling Bernideen, and in the hope that you're having the best of Sundays, I'm sending blessings of joy on your coming new week

Xx Dany

Anonymous said...

My kind of fun day!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I didn't know any of the stores downtown was having Open House, I use to go in My Secret Garden once a week when they had their big store on north 9th street,seems they don't have as much pretty things now in the smaller store.

I was at Natural grocery store late saturday and seen that lady in your 3rd picture,the lady with long hair and a rust colored long skirt on haha, I was behind her at the check out and she was telling clerk it was a very good day at the farmer's market for her.

I was getting my daughter the Smith's Tea they have there

Kim said...

Love seeing all that delicious and colourful produce. Farmers' markets are always a joyful experience. How lovely to wander around with music wafting in the background. Love your header, Bernideen.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What fun you are having in your new home State, Bernideen. It's so nice that you have time to get out and about.

Deborah Montgomery said...

Looks like a lovely day. We have a farmer's market here in our little downtown in the summers; always fun to go down and poke about.

janice15 said...

The best place to visit. I love the farmers market. Its been a while si ce I 've been there I was just speaking to my son about that.. Have a lovely week Bernideen, with love Janice

Mrs.T said...

What a fun day, Bernideen! Thanks for sharing, it really felt like being there!

Cathy @ My 1929 Charmer said...

I love Farmer's market and sad when our closes early October. It looks like you had a wonderful day and wish we had a fiddler playing.