Sunday, November 5, 2017


After a year and a half of settling in 
after moving from Colorado to
Missouri, the inevitable has happened and
we have rented an 8 x 11 stall
at Midway Antique Mall and Flea Market.
It has over 400 dealers and is right  beside 
I-70 on the west side of Columbia.   

Since I love to sew and craft,  I will 
be making things for my booth to sell
 there and of course my passion for 
vintage English teatime wares will be
 in abundance!  Of course I know
 this might not be everyone's
"cup of tea" and that won't hurt
 my feelings -
I will just shut it down!

This place is on a long road that winds up a hill with potholes everywhere and you wonder who the world would go here. You arrive at the top to find the parking lot with lots of cars and when you go inside people are paying for things - always a good sign! 
 I just thought I'd give you a sneak peak here!

 Just because I love something is no guarantee that someone
else will - I sure know that!  This
was a little dresser I decoupaged:

The top of the dresser above - hopefully
someone will love it for their nursery!


  1. You've created a great space, Bernideen. It's inviting. Hope you have good success and cover your costs!

  2. Oh my goodness, Bernideen! This is fabulous - I am so excited for you!

    I wish you and your husband all the best in the world - hope this is a true success for you. (Good timing with the holidays around the corner!)

    Keep us informed on how it all goes! Yippeeee!

    Hugs. ♥

  3. I LOVE your space and things and I bet lots of other people will, too. It is all very sweet and you have it arranged nicely.. Best of luck to you- I bet you do great! xo Diana

  4. This is going to be great fun for you, and I hope you make a profit! You have very nice things, and as you said not everyone has the same taste. However, I think you will do well. Your booth is attractive and tidy and if I were shopping there, I like that I can see what you have. Some booths are so packed you don't even know whats in it!

    Have a great time with this, Bernideen!

  5. Good luck with the booth and selling. At times I have thought of doing something like that, but it would be only to get rid of things in my house and then I wouldn't have anymore to fill the booth.

  6. Your new stall looks great, Bernideen. I wish you many successful sales!

  7. I am glad to read about your new venture, especially after all of your years of having your own shop! I would definitely browse your space, and probably buy-nice variety here, attractively displayed. Let us know how your craft items do, I am always interested in this sort of thing but don't create personally. Good luck!

  8. Looks like great fun for shoppers....Love all the decoupage items you have, that should provide an interesting mix for your booth. Good luck for the season!

  9. Oh Bernideen, how lovely your little area looks!!! I wish you much success in selling the pretty things that you create and love. Of course, you've arranged it all such beautifully.


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