Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Yesterday I reset my kitchen table with
the purple toile items I sewed 
last week and I also added a little
 accent topper 
I haven't shared before:

I was hoping to have enough fabric to
make myself a tea cozy but I 
had to literally piece scraps
 together to make one.

So now all I needed was a nice
 dessert for this post.  Every recipe
 I looked at seemed disqualified 
by the lack of at least one ingredient. 
  So,  I just made a little cake from
 staples in the kitchen.  

Very simple Lemon Dessert Cake
 ingredients were:
1 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup flour, 2 Tb
lemon extract, 1/2 cup sugar, 3 eggs
325 degrees for 25 minutes
I lined my 1 cake pan with
 parchment paper

Lemon Sauce: 1/2 cup of butter,
1 cup sugar, 1/3 cup lemon juice,
 2 eggs,1 Tb Cornstarch
 1 Tb lemon extract 
 Cook at medium high on the
 stove in a
double boiler until thick.
Stir constantly.  Pour
this over the cake when it is cool.

Please help yourself and
have some tea.  It is
British Breakfast tea.

This dessert is small and would
 probably feed around 6 people.
It is a softer type cake with an
 appearance that looks somewhat 
more like a cheesecake.

I hope your spring is arriving 
too as we are finally getting 
warmer weather back by Friday 
and we will love that!


  1. Everything looks so pretty, Bernideen! I love the purple and yellow together as it shouts out "SPRING!"

    Hugs to you!

  2. Your table is a delight, Bernideen, and I love the crimped teacup! The lemon cake looks delicious. It would be a pleasure to join you for tea and cake, my friend!

  3. I love, love, love everything about your table. So delicate and feminine. But can I say that I am in LOVE with your chandelier. Is it beautiful.

    And I am making this cake this weekend. I have been craving some type of lemon-flavored dessert and this is me right here. Thank you for sharing and hosting!

  4. Dear Bernideen ... I just can’t wait to try that lemon cake recipe ( Yummy) The purple and yellow really blend beautifully together ... Your sewing skills are amazing( love that tea cosy)....The violet china made me smile .... especially that little cream pitch..I was admiring my own violets in the pots ..They really do give a person such pleasure.... Teatime in your violet cup and saucer would suit me just fine, IF, it is available for todays tea.... Thank YOU for sharing your beautiful tablescape and teatime... It was a DELIGHT .... HUGS

  5. Hi Bernideen,
    Your table is just gorgeous and the tea cozy is amazing. I'd like to see one in the pink and red transferware fabric someday. The violets are so dainty on the cream and sugar. Thank you for hosting! Hope we can have Tea in the Garden soon. Blessings, Karen

  6. The lemon cake looks particularly delicious...a divine texture. Your tea table is always perfection... So glad that spring has returned for you

  7. Oh dear me,Bernideen, I want to join you at your purple toile Springtime table with all those pretty dishes and the lemony dessert. The embellishment of the violets on the dessert is so attractive. Yellow and purple look gorgeous together, don't they? You sure know how to set a table with such flair. You pieced together the tea cozy so wonderfully! Thank you so much for sharing beauty with us and for hosting your delightful tea party.

  8. Bernideen your table setting is beautiful with the purple toile! And the yellow is so striking with all the purple! I'll be over in a bit for a slice of that cake!!

  9. What a delightful post!That cake is mouthwatering!I love your amazing table with purples!I also love the gorgeous china.Thanks for hosting,sweet lady!Hugs!

  10. I'm loving all the purple in this post and how the yellow heart cakes pops out of the table. Now you've got me wanting some purple toile! Thanks for hosting, Bernideen!

  11. Such a lovely table!

    I love lemon and this cake looks wonderful. Perfect with a cuppa!

  12. I think that is the pretties table I have seen you set.

    I would love to have a piece or two of that yummy looking lemon cake.

    I hope to get over this spring and see your lovely table settings

  13. Bernideen, that table is gorgeous. And the bright yellow lemon dessert is the perfect accent.

  14. I guess I might have to make one of your lovely cakes. The lemon glaze makes it look wonderful.

  15. Such a pretty spring tea! I am hoping to be outside with tea soon! Thanks for hosting!

  16. The purple toile is so pretty with the yellow of the lemon cake. The cake looks yummy and the tea cozy is so pretty.


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