Wednesday, April 11, 2018

PURPLE TOILE for "Friends Sharing Tea"

On Monday a package came with some 
purple toile fabric I found online.

Yesterday I jumped right in and made
 a tablecloth
for my kitchen table.

I only got one cushion done
yesterday for my photo
shoot but you get the idea.

I love these simple white dishes
I affectionately call my
"Jane Austen" dishes.

Of course I know that several of you have
the little birdie teapot or the coffeepot.

One can always invite 
more birds to
the table!

On Sunday we had a little snow and I
saw the fish in our Koi pond going back
into their "time out" position.  They had
 been moving about recently but that 
came to a halt with the colder weather. 
 I did find a few more daffodils to 
add to my vase and hope to see
 more outside soon.

I hope you can join my tea related
blog party below - sorry the link didn't come out earlier - a little
 kerfuffle as Marilla
would say! 

I am linking at:
  Tuesday Cuppa Tea


  1. I absolutely love toile anything so I am loving your purple toile tablecloth and cushion! Oh, to be able to sew! But then one has to find the fabric too which isn't easy around here. Your table looks so pretty with your bird theme. I did one too but no toile except maybe a peek at my curtain on the patio door. I see you're starting your party later today so I'll come back. Have a lovely day, my friend.

  2. Bernideen, your tablecloth turned out lovely with the wall color and trim. Looking forward to seeing the complete set when your cushions are finished.

  3. Is the link supposed to be open today?

  4. Love your purple toile tablecloth and chair pads. Your teapot is one of my favorites...I have a taller version and I just love using it in the spring. We had some snow on Saturday and one more freeze on the way. I'm so ready for some garden weather! Your tea table is beautiful!

  5. Hey Bernideen .. Your Jane Austen Teaset looks so lovely on the purple toile... I’ve always love that toile pattern.. I have it in green and blue ... but have never seen that gorgeous purple... AND .. OMG what a fabulous seamstress you are... the tablecloth and chair cushions I ‘d love to sit an d visit over a tea again soon... Lovely post...Hugs

  6. You are so talented, Bernideen! Love your purple toile tablecloth and chair cushion. It's cold in Michigan too - was even snow flurrying this morning!

  7. HI Bernideen. Toile is my favorite fabric. You did a great job with the cushion and table cloth.
    Thanks for hosting.
    We're still getting snow here in Eastern Quebec. Not a good forecast for the weekend.
    Happy Spring!

  8. Well, didn't you do a beautiful job on your toile tablecloth and matching cushions?! That made the perfect setting for your "Jane Austen" dishes and your darling birds. What a pretty Spring tea, Bernideen! Thank you so much for hosting and happy Spring!

  9. I love the toile fabric. Unfortunately our home décor does not really allow for properly using it. That is why I cannot wait until we start working on our new house. Everything will be white. :)


  10. Love the purple toile material, You are a designing woman LOL

    Your table is beautifully done just like you
    I love the little bird teapot and cream and sugar
    So glad it's warning up for your fish pond, gosh maybe one more snow then they can come to the top?

  11. What a beautiful room in blue and white touches!Gorgeous tablecloth,how classic and exquisite!I really love that adorable tea set...Sweet Daffodils...Perfect for your table!Thanks for hosting!

  12. Bernideen,

    This tea set up is lovely. That purple toile is so pretty, and I love your teaset with the birds on them.

  13. Hi Bernideen,
    I absolutely love your new tablecloth and chair cushion. What a seamstress you are! The white china and birdy teaset is so dear too. The table setting is just beautiful! Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea. I am so anxious for Tea in the Garden. Blessings, Karen

  14. I love toile...don’t see much purple. So nice! Looks great with you white and Daffodils. A storm going on again for us, wind and rain, but hopefully spring soon for all of us! Thanks for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea. You are so clever with your sewing! Love it!

  15. Purple is my favourite colour so I'm loving your toile fabric. I'm also a huge fan of your charming bird tea set...I've seen similar tea sets, but have restrained myself as my storage space is limited. Thanks for hosting!

  16. The fabric is beautiful and a lovely color. You're ambitious to make your own chair cushions too! i love sewing too and need to get in my craft room again! I must be the only one who doesn't have the bird teapot but wish I do!

  17. Lovely lovely, I like the toile and the white setting. Beautiful.

  18. Bernideen, it's gorgeous! I didn't even know toile came in purple! I know someone who is going to want to get some.

  19. Love, love the purple toile with the white dishes. So very pretty with the touch of yellow daffodils too.


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