Sunday, July 22, 2018


Today we made a little day
trip to the home town of Mark
Twain which was Hannibal, Mo.

This sweet couple dressed
 the part of Tom Sawyer
and Becky Thatcher:

People could take a photo of their
kids pretending to
whitewash the fence!

This photo below shows the boyhood
home of Mark Twain (real name Samuel
Clemens- 1835-1920) on the right and
the museum on the left. 

Of course all the Victorian
homes really caught my eyes and
especially this one:

Many were being restored
others needed to be:

Additionally, this town was the
 birthplace of Molly Brown (survivor
on the Titanic).


  1. Ohhh, these Victorian homes are so beautiful, when I was young I dreamed to live in such a home....


  2. I remember my first trip to Hannibal Missouri back in 1962 on my way to visit my family in Columbia.
    Hannibal was a quite historic little town back then

    I like your pictures of the old homes

  3. What a beautiful town! I love the architecture on the buildings. The Victorian homes are just beautiful....Painted Ladies they call them in Cape May, New Jersey. Looks like a lovely trip.

  4. This post brings back memories of visiting there long, long ago. What a cute little town.

  5. What a fun trip, Bernideen. All those Victorian homes are so beautiful.


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