Saturday, April 27, 2019


Today I noticed that the daffodils are 
definitely passing by here in my garden.
Some of the tulips are yet to bloom and
 others are gone.  I have picked so many
white lilacs off what was a less than
desirable bush I got at a live auction
2 years ago.  It grows real "twisty type"
branches - almost like vines.  

This was the bouquet I made today as
I walked around gathering from what
was available here and there.  I
believe some of my tulips returned
from last years which was wonderful!

Many years back,  I decided that
Beatrix Potter would be the theme
of my garden.  I adore the characters
she created and her English Garden style.

As you can see I am making wire cages for my
peonies which will be blooming fairly soon!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely
Saturday and find some time
to play in the garden!

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  1. I miss your stunning flowers bouquets!Your garden is heavenly!Hugs!

  2. Such a wonderful bouquet! Your garden is a delight to see. My garden was raked out last week and has spent a cold miserable week this so not much action yet.

  3. I love your garden, Bernideen! You are one creative and talented lady!

  4. Our still blooming Daffy's were smashed by that freak snow storm of 6 Wet and heavy inches, Saturday. Your garden is so lovely---sigh. Gorgeous! I wonder how much will survive the freezing we had.

  5. How could a bouquet be any more beautiful? Wow! I love your garden. The Beatrix Potter touches here and there are just so very fine!

  6. I always love visiting your garden, Bernideen. Your bouquet is luscious!

  7. Spring is beautiful in your garden!

  8. Your bouquets are always so incredibly beautiful!! Love the white lilacs! Now are they as fragrant as the purple one's?


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