Thursday, July 8, 2021


  This morning I looked 
out and noticed it was
an overcast day. 
 What a perfect day for taking photos. 
The Meadow Phlox (the tall lilac color flower in the back )is pretty right now
and is a Missouri wildflower. 
are so prolific here.

I set a little tea table up in my
front yard.  I had some Lemon
Pound Cake (click for recipe)
for us to enjoy that
I had baked Tuesday night.

I hope your summer is going well.

 For those of you that blog you will understand what I am about to say.  
Blogger has really messed with the
headers and I have not succeeded at
getting mine back up.  I like to change
my header according to the seasons but
it isn't so easy to change the header anymore.

These cups and saucers are English 
Royal Patrician.  They are some I use
down in my tearoom.

This is a late note from me:  I just told my husband I feel like a genius - everyone who know me knows that is an absolute joke!  I was able to finally follow the instructions on the link below and "somewhat" fix my header".  No, it isn't perfect but it is definitely bigger so I will leave this one alone for now!

scroll down and read the "HERE IS HOW I RESOLVED THE PROBLEM"by Cleo Coyle - she is the genius for sure!


  1. Your garden, flowers and tea setting are all so lovely. I would just love to come and sit down there with you and relax and enjoy a cup of tea and that delicious lemon pound cake! What a wonderful treat! It is too warm here in Florida to do much garden sitting in the summertime. I reserve that for fall and spring. So it is wonderful to see that you are able to enjoy your outdoors now! As far as blogger/headers, etc. goes...I don't change my header very often. I kind of look at that as the identity of my blog, so I keep it the way it it is too much trouble to change. However, I would assume the problem lies in what "style" of layout you have chosen for your blog. I know the different styles on the template each have their own design parameters, and some are more user friendly than others. You may have to play around with that to see if there is a better design template that works more easily for you. I know it is a pain to change it all again, but if it is a constant frustration to use the current layout you've chosen, it might be better to try another. That's as much advice as I can give. Like I said, I don't change my often because I just don't want to take the time to go through all of that. I just add the new photos that I want for each post to identify that post, and each one will be different, but my header is always the same. Sorry I can't be of more help. Perhaps there are some more tech-savvy people out here who can come up with a better answer. Meanwhile, your page is lovely and I enjoyed visiting here in your tea garden today!!

  2. How beautiful! What a pleasure it must be to sit amongst your flowers, sip tea and enjoy pound cake.💜
    Blessings, Linda

  3. The pattern on the tea cups so matches with your lovely flowers. Just
    perfect getting the color of all to show so well. My cone flowers are just
    now getting onto blooming well. and I have 1/2 dozen seedlings I found in
    a patio pot that have sprouted. So I now have each in it's own pot and will
    nurse them along and store them in the garage over winter. I have a wild
    spot I will plant them in, as they are deer resistant.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing your tea time with me. Such beauty is so rare a treasure.

  5. Lovely pictures and lovely flowers! I would love to sit there with a cup of tea :)

  6. Your tea time is fantastic,just breathtaking! Stunning cloth and gorgeous flowers. Greetings.

  7. Such a beautiful blog post, Bernideen. Tea in the garden is such a beautiful moment in time. I love all the shades of lavender and mauve that you captured in your photos. Also, thank you for visiting Rosemary's Sampler. All your comments were appreciated!

  8. Lovely pictures thank you

  9. Hi Bernideen! It's been forever since I've popped in to say hello. I LOVE this post. Shooting pics when it's overcast is sublime. Tea with your bees is super fun too. I would love to pop over for some lemon cake & tea, but alas... I am too far away for that. So, I lift my cup with an imaginary "clink" to you sweet tea friend and pray you and yours are doing well.
    Heather Elizabeth


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