Saturday, July 30, 2022

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS for "Tea In The Garden"

 Today with lower temperatures in the 80's
range it was perfect weather for another
"Tea In The Garden" and since I looked
at the extended forecast and saw that 
this weather will be short lived so I
decided  to take advantage of it.

We got some rain this week but 
truly, we could have used another
day's worth!

This recipe for Blueberry Muffins 
is here (click) however, I made a
different topping this time by mixing
 2 Tb flour,  3 Tb Sugar, 1 Tb chopped 
butter and 1/4 Tsp ground cinnamon. 
 I just put that on top of the muffins
 before I baked them.

I love old quilts....

These were the muffins when
they came out of the oven:

These particular
were huge.

I found my blue Daintee Ladyee
years ago in West Virginia.

You can see the branches of our giant
pussy willow in our front yard. I think
the size is unusual and it can be a
mess in the spring.

I hope your weekend is lovely.


  1. Oh my! Amazing Tea time! Wonderful teapot... Just breathtaking post... Greetings.

  2. The topping sounds delicious for muffins...any fruit muffin. Your garden teas are always beautiful.

  3. Oh Bernideen, you make the prettiest tea times that should grace the covers of a magazine. Your bouquets are stunning, and your muffins look scrumptious. Of course your lady teapot is darling. I’d love to sit with you at your table!

  4. Bernideen, I always feel so refreshed by my visits to your beautiful tea time cottage and garden. You set such a beautiful tea table and have such a gift for arranging the flowers you grow.


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