Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"TEA IN THE GARDEN" with The Serenade of the Cicadas

Welcome to the heat of July!
Time for a "Tea In The Garden": 

I slipped out today and set up a "Tea In 
The Garden" because tomorrow it is
 supposed to be 99 degrees and then over
 100 degrees each of the days this weekend.

I have some wonderful little peach
tarts for you to try.  We stopped at a
peach orchard on the other side of the
Missouri River and bought a box of
their peaches.

I read the new Victoria yesterday while
waiting in the car for my husband.  It is
all about Scotland and so many castles
and gardens  are included.  There are
also some wonderful
recipes for fall with soups and salads.

I am sure we love music at our
"Tea In The Garden" so today we
are being serenaded by Cicadas
which are very loud bugs that make 
a sound I can hardly describe to you
(Especially because there are many of
them making this noise at the same time)
click above to hear him sing!

So I looked behind me as I was taking 
photos and saw
that we have some company:

As you can see - we need rain badly.

yesterday (recipe)
and added some
strawberries too.  One of 
these pies went to our son and

Please enjoy a tart and tea.


  1. Stunning post!! Gorgeous tea setting!! Love your garden!! Thanks for sharing!!! Made my day to see such beauty!!

  2. Beautiful tea, though heat and cicadas are not my favorites. The peach tarts, though, that's another story.

  3. I’m listening to the sound cicadas in my garden as I read this! I pray you’ll all get rain soon.

    I noticed your Victoria magazine. It is still a delightful read. I love the features on Scotland in this issue.

  4. I bet that cute bunny enjoys some shade in your very lovely very hot garden. The peaches look so very juicy. I love them that way, they just run sweet juice right over your chin when you sink your teeth into one.

  5. Such beauty and inspiration! Hugs and blessings.

  6. Bernideen, yellow peaches are my favorite fruit and my favorite pie! And those are beauties. Love the little tarts for afternoon tea. And thank you so much for including the video of the cicada because I have never seen or heard one!

  7. Thanks for sharing your delightful tea time in the garden. The decor is lovely and I may just have to bake some peach tarts as yours look delicious. I've never heard a cicada! Quite an example of one of God's unique creations.

  8. You’ve been a busy pie and tart baker, Bernideen. I’ll bet your son and his family were grateful that you shared. Your tea is so lovely snd that lace enhanced yellow pillow is so pretty. We need rain so badly, too. Let’s hope we both get some soon.

  9. Lovely!!!! I love blueberry muffins.


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