Saturday, September 16, 2023



I seem to have a lot of Fall looking
transferware so I bring it out in the
fall and it all seems to mix and match
together for this season.

The table in the dining area is set
even though no one is coming for 
dinner.  I have some new to me "old
glasses" I picked up during a sale
at an antique mall.

Lately I have accumulated some
old vintage napkins that I love.

You can see one of the Heisey
etched glasses below.  I never
knew much about them but am

I have been following a site on FB
that is all about antique lace.  I
have learned some things but 
never realized how many types of
lace there are or about making it.

Do you decorate for fall?  Inside
or out?


  1. How lovely is your Autumn tea service. And learning lace and Heisey glass. I have a Heisey glass bowl that was my Grandmothers wedding bowl. It probably is 1/2 gallon in size.

  2. Such beautiful fall decor! I decorate inside but don't have many fall dishes so really enjoyed seeing your tableware. Temperatures are getting cooler here so fall is definitely coming. Loved your vintage lace tea cozy that sold.

  3. I got my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village plates out yesterday! You have lovely transferware.

    I got my ceramic pumpkins out on Saturday and hung my autumn wreath by the front door!

    My favorite season is here!


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