Saturday, March 20, 2021


 Today is the first official day of spring
and there is will only be in
the 50's but compared to some places
that is warm so I share a couple of
collages to encourage "spring".
These are older photos that
I played with in Pic Monkey.

I hope your weekend is sunny
at the very least.  Ours is sunny
and we are so glad it quit raining
but how can I complain when I know
that rain for us meant snow for many of
 you.  Hopefully, your bulbs are starting
 to come up.  Ours are up but just a few
 are blooming as  of yet.  I know it will
 be gorgeous in the coming few weeks.  This photo is from past
 times in the
 garden of course.


Lynn said...

Seeing the collages just makes me think more positively about the
effect Spring has on us. Saying goodbye to winter is not hardship
for me. Love the colorful photos. Looking forward to pictures of
your spring blooming flowers. Lynn

Sonia said...

Beautiful! I am so ready for everything to be green and blooming again! Your garden is always so pretty! Happy Spring!

Angela McRae said...

Your birds and bunnies make me smile! Happy Spring, Bernideen!

ellen b. said...

Yes, Spring will come. Lovely collages. We are seeing a few green sprouts popping up! Happy Spring to you!