Tuesday, March 9, 2021


 Well, now the clock is ticking toward
spring and it won't be long.  We have
4 true seasons in Missouri which is
something I love.

I hung some of my favorite birdhouses
out this week and I see a pair of sparrows
out the front bedroom window, right now looking in the opening. 
 I forgot to put the "this house reserved
 for house wrens" sign up.

Then there is this sweet bird that has come
on our deck for several years.  He or
she must of been hit by a car?  Not sure
but one foot is gone so he hops on
one foot slowly.  

So Monday I took the black plastic bags
 off my garden statuary and put the tops
back on my birdbaths.  I put water in
them for the birds.  I am excited to
see bulbs coming up everywhere. I am 
so glad I planted bulbs again.  It's one 
of those jobs you really don't want to
do at the time you need to do it.  Really,
it is just like lots of things in life.  It 
would be easy to say - that's too much
work so I'll skip it but when spring comes
you are so glad that you did it.   It
was 70 degrees today so hurrah for that.

I have 2 bluebird houses up and have
had many Eastern bluebirds come and 
visit our yard in the last 2 weeks but they
 don't seem interested in our birdhouses.

And now it is Tuesday and I went
and bought a flat of pansies and
some primroses.  I see a few survived
the winter too and are popping up.
I worked on my little birdbath floral
decoration too today and it is 76 degrees.
It will be lovely tomorrow and then
cooler again so I am enjoying!


Lynn said...

I love the collage of pictures, so very Spring like.
Our Blue Birds are ready to use the same box as last year
and I hope they are as successful. Hopefully you will get
a nesting pair. I'll enjoy seeing your garden bloom again
this year. You have it so full it is a joy.

Tammy H said...

I'm always eager for spring so enjoyed seeing your floral birdbath. Only dreaming of spring here in Colorado, lots of cold weather still to come. I hope we get some nesters in our birdhouses this year. Thanks for sharing your yard with us!

Deanna Rabe said...

Signs of spring are happening here in Pennsylvania too, and I'm very happy about it!