Thursday, March 4, 2021


Now that March is here we know that
 spring is just ahead and where I live 
the pussy willow buds in March, the 
Forsythia blooms and bulbs start
 popping up.

So today I set up a little
tea time in my basement 
tea room:

I hope you are hungry because last
night I made a Coconut Cream
pie and I had enough to make some
little Coconut Cream Tarts for our
tea time:

Instead of typing out the recipe here which is a lot of work - I just scanned it into my computer.  So, by doubling this recipe, I actually made a big pie and had enough for 10 little tarts.  I could have put meringue on the tarts but didn't. 

 (I made the mistake of
cutting the pie last night without leaving it overnight so our pie did not slice as well as it would have if I had refrigerated it overnight first)

This recipe comes from an old 1966 Better Homes and Garden "Pies and Cakes" recipe book.  I have drawn from this cookbook so
much over the years and made many of
the pies and cakes.

Please pour yourself a lovely
cup of British Breakfast Tea.
I love the Republic of Tea's
version as it taste delicious.

I am fond of the memory I have
of finding this Spode Duberry pattern
with the coffee pot in Lafayette,

I think these little tarts would
freeze easily!


Terra said...

I love your colorful china with all the floral patterns, and the tables you set with lots of nice details. Happy March.

Deanna Rabe said...


I have a very old version of that Better Homes and Garden cookbook. My mom used it all my growing up years. My favorite banana nut bread recipe is from that cookbook.

Lynn said...

I will enjoy these photos of a tea table set so lovely, while I
await it to be warm weather and your tea party is outside in your
flowering garden. The china is so cheerful and the tarts sound
very tasty.

ellen b. said...

Those little tarts look so inviting as does your whole tea setting. Lovely.

The Liberty Belle said...

You laid a lovely table. I certainly wouldn't object to one of those tasty tarts. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Beth said...

Beautiful cup, beautiful table cloth. Love the tulips too. The pie sounds wonderful and what a versatile recipe! Lovely tea setting, Bernideen!

CherylK said...

So pretty! Aren't we all ready to have tea with friends again?!? I think the old recipes are wonderful, I use a coconut pie recipe from a 1974 Southern Living article. My son calls those old pages the "Dead Sea Scrolls", but he is sure happy when he sees them come out! Enjoy Spring, Bernideen!