Wednesday, March 24, 2021


 It is always a pleasure getting out
past spring and Easter keepsakes:

I love my sweet Nicol Sayre

And like you I have a little
of this and that.  These bunnies
I have had for many years:

I love decorating my armoire
with my violet tea wares:

The decorating is both inside
 and outside
this time of year with
a new flag for spring.

And the garden is starting to
come to life:

Tomorrow I am having lunch with friends
so I made a little hostess gift for the
friend serving lunch.  Do you take
a hostess gift when a friend has you
for lunch or Afternoon Tea?  I think
it is a nice gesture:

And lastly if you are looking for a
new Easter tea cozy these are my
new "Drop In Snuggie" design 
available on my etsy site


cabbage queen said...

Love all your "springy" decorations.....especially your little chicken creamer! I have two of I inherited from my mom and the other from my husband's aunt. There's just something about them that I love.

Linda Jennings said...

It looks like you are ready for the Easter Bunny to come!

Tammy H said...

It's always cheerful to bring out Easter and spring decor and your decorations are lovely, especially your armoire. Wishing you a blessed Easter.

Sonia said...

Oh such beautiful Spring vignettes. I need to finish my decorations..thanks for the inspiration! Happy Easter!

Angela McRae said...

What beautiful Easter decor! You definitely have quite a collection of Easter goodies. Happy Spring!

Lynn said...

Love seeing your bulbs in bloom. I bet a lunch/tea with a friend is just
what you need after this winter and the past year. I'm sure it was lovely.
Spring flowers are just so uplifting, and Easter will soon be here.

ellen b. said...

You have some great Easter decor. I just pulled my bin out today and put some things up. Happy Spring to you!

Pam said...

I love all your cute Easter decor. Looks amazing.

Curtains in My Tree said...

Looking at your pictures of your bunnies and eggs reminded me I have a carton of glitter eggs down in the studio I need to bring to my kitchen.
Yes also like your nicol sayre pieces.
Smart of you to redesign your tea cozies

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

LOVE all your sweet Easter decor!!
All so pretty!!! I have to ask if you have drainage holes in that sweet rustic birdbath used as a planter on your porch. I have a similar one and would love to do something like you did with it....
Thanks for sharing!!