Friday, April 23, 2021


 Yesterday it was fun to go to a friend's
charming home with some other lady
 friends who I hadn't seen in a long time
 and Karen served a delicious tea time. 
Karen has quite a gift of hospitality
and shares her lovely home with many.

 I should have taken my

  Later on in the evening I heard
 chirping on my
little front porch.

I had no idea that there were baby birds
in that green birdhouse.  Apparently
they had all decided it was time to get
 out of there and go but none could fly
 and there they were jumping around 
on the sidewalk.  They were those cute
 Carolina Wrens that are rust colored
 and short and fat.  They leave our area in 
the cold of winter but have recently returned.

 I love those little birds
 but out into the garden they hopped
 and I feared  for them all night as it
 was cold and

I hope their Mother finds them
and feeds them for a few days! 

I am also sharing this
Jane Austen Road trip :


  1. How delightful on two counts. Lovely visit with friends and
    a house full of baby birds. Our blue birds had a nest of 4 eggs
    and then last week another male blue bird tried to woo the female
    and covered her eggs with nest material. There was fight, the couple
    won but now have had to start over fresh. I felt terrible the next
    day when I emptied the box of 4 cold eggs.

  2. Oh I love Kirsten and Joerg and this recent video was beautiful and interesting.

    Glad that you had tea time with friends.

  3. Nice to visit friends and share time and talk. I love Carolina Wrens and have a couple of bird houses that they take up residence in each year.


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